Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spring Spectacle

The plums were the first to blossom in the garden followed closely by the almond...the others are displaying promise in the swelling buds and the girls are all laying again!  The blue and green don't come up in this picture but they are very pale.


I think the ladies are happy in their new enclosure - I know my vegies are!  They still come out to free range  but only for a few hours each day instead of all day long!

Oh yes - I got new spectacles.  I snapped my old pair whilst out at drinks and desperate for a new pair of glasses, the next morning I unwisely let the optometry shop lady pick them for me as I couldn't see with my glasses off...and besides I was hungover from the night before!   The result?  Well.  There was much hilarity at work and when I arrived later at my desk I found it plastered like this - gives you an indication of what everyone thinks!

  Spring is almost here but until then I'll keep my beanie on.  And hide out until the laughter dies down.


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