Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi everyone.

I's been a while since I've posted here!  Seem to have lost my blogging mojo...the possums and chooks have been eating everything in my garden so there isn't much for me to tell you!

I would however like to introduce little Ru (or so the kids call him-for now - his name changes daily!!) a little Siberian Forest Cat kitten.  Any name suggestions?

The girls have had their monthly dusting of diatomaceous earth and I know I've got to clean out the deep litter but honestly I don't have the energy!  It's been far too cold and wet!

They're using the feeder happily now.
But they are in the bad books.  They've completely destroyed two of my vegie beds...and again I haven't the energy to do anything about it so I'm just letting it be for now!

Chook ravaged beds

The rest of the garden is very neglected but still being productive most surprisingly!


Plucked a few of those lemon sherbet babaco even though they never did turn yellow...does anyone grow it down here in Vic?  Perhaps it's too cold here for them ever to ripen properly?  They did taste reminiscently of lemon sherbet but I'm sure they aren't ripe.  And I have no idea what to do with the tree now, knowing I'm supposed to cut it or some such fancy thing?


Finally pulled out the trombocino zucchin!   Was still going strong but I was sick of looking at it and eating it.

Hope you are all tucked up cosy inside wherever you are...


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