Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Land of the three muskateers and bubbly!

We are here in the land of Champagne and the Three Muskateers!  Our last full day in France today, so sad, I've loved it here.  We are staying in a farmhouse just outside Troyes.  Troyes has been in existence since the Roman era,  it is a real medieval gem populated by half timbered houses in ochre, pink, yellow and mint green.  It looks like an illustration of the three muskateers novel.  The Templars and Sir Lancelot have their origins here and it's easy to picture isn't it?




Pics from our last dinner in the Loire Valley - it was a beautiful evening.



We are now staying here in a farmhouse just outside of Troyes

It is really very hot in Campagne...

 Driving through endless grape vines...

Passing fields of poppies...

And windmills!

We had to get cool and retreat down into a wine cellar!  Did you know that the rose of les rinceys can only be picked at 10 degrees therefore some years there is none made if the summers weren't warm enough.  Champagne grapes can be plucked at 8 degrees.


We visited the village of Renoir...amazing to see the streets and landscapes, I recognise them in Renoir's paintings



The villages of Campagne are so gorgeous and so special.  How did half timbered houses survive war, fire, hail, wind, fierce sun...for centuries?




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