Friday, June 24, 2011

The curious French and the odd looking family

We made it!  We are alive!  We survived the drive from Paris to the Loire!  The French sure are crazy it doesn't help that the driver, a certain Mr Bok, has a very Irish sense of direction.  Cough cough.  Ahem!  Our first 'disagreement' this holiday - driving on the other side of the road, lack of road signs that make any sense,  actually lack of road signs at all! - coupled with 'Go left!' 'I said left, not the right-left!' arghhhhhhh and all this before we'd even made it out of Paris  :)  So the journey took us a little longer than we anticipated but it is so gorgeous out here...

I was very sad to close the door for the last time on our little Parisian apartment, I actually miss it tonight!  but it was quite wonderful to drive through tiny villages on the way to our little hamlet.

We sped (quickly!) (and too close to trucks and cars on my side seeing as Mr Bok kept swerving to the right not being used to being seated on the left) past jeweled fields of emerald green - I think corn?  but with very dark leaves? - and squares of golden wheat.  Dense fields of green dotted with nodding sunflower heads...I wish we'd been able to stop so that I could take a photo!  I did manage to snap a pic of a wind turbine as we went past on the A10, they were everywhere...

We were stuck on one French radio station which was lovely until it started playing Pink's 'You are perfect' song uncensored which soon had Miss Bok in the back of the car singing along 'you are perfect, f***ing perfect, to me...' and you know I honestly don't think she knew what she was singing!

We drove through many charming villages and came to the tiny hamlet of Le Port and an even tinier one within it, St Georges Sur Cher...navigated through tiny alleys until we came to our farmhouse.  A rather run down, old, rustic but also very charming Madame who I'm sure is glad for the company.  Agnes the caretaker met us there to let us in, the farmhouse is very old I must find out exactly how old - and is very large and rambling.  It backs onto the River Cher.  The path along the river is traversed by the locals and leads right up past Chenonceau chateaux:

Garden gate leading out to the river

Lots of flowers bloom in the garden

An old apple tree stands in the back garden, laden boughs framing the back gate


The gorgeous River Cher right outside our back gate

The path behind the house running alongside the River Cher 
 Our car has swiss numberplates! Here it is parked outside the backgate

The River Cher looking either way up the river - how gorgeous and peaceful it is.


These ladies below and the men in front stopped by us and had a good stare, a smile, a 'bon soir madame' and on they went continuing with the stroll they must do every know everywhere we venture in this part of the world, we get lots of very curious stares.  Myself and the children anyway.  I guess they aren't many mixed race children here?  Mr Bok being Irish and me being of Malaysian-Chinese descent (although I grew up in the UK and then moved to Australia) must be an odd combination that sleepy little hamlets like this one do not see very often.

Vegetables growing in every garden

Here are more pictures of the farmhouse:


  It's huge! 

After we settled in, we went for a wander through Montrichard and then headed to Chenonceau for dinner after discovering that the farmhouse stove doesn't work too well


This French lady was also most curious to have a look at us  :)  But she smiled and was sweet.  The lady in the fruit shop also stopped to speak with us and gave the children a little bag of apricots.  

Chenonceau was a lovely village to have dinner in.  We will return to the castle another day.

Village of Chenonceau

Well, night is falling on 'our' river.  Good night everyone!  Sweet dreams!


  1. Ooo I am so envious :)

    When I was younger and much more fun, I lived in France... I was there for about five years before coming back home... another lifetime...

    But my appartment there didn't look anything like the one you stayed in!

  2. Oh stop it with all the beauty and style I can't bear it! What a holiday - the city apartment and now the farmhouse. Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. It's just so perfect! The driving doesn't sound like fun, but worth the stress to get to the countryside :)

  4. Ha! Sonya, the farmhouse is anything but is very unkempt, the water doesn't work properly, the stove doesn't work properly - and we are thinking that without being able to get a warm shower (or a trickle of water at all to wash in!) or anything working that we might leave it early! Sitting up on the internet, at least that works, too afraid to go to sleep, all of us crammed into one room although there are many spare :)

    Ali your years in France sound very intriguing!!

    Sarah, now that we're getting the hang of the right side of the road, it's much better :)

  5. Congratulations on making it out of Paris with an intact marriage :P You'll be pleased to relax out of the car for a few days...

    I remember wind turbines from my trip to Europe last year. Everywhere, as you say! My partner wanted to stop and take photos of them all, which led to a little tension in our relationship after the first half dozen or so :)

  6. oh where to start - i love the little gate, the veggie garden, the ivy on the house! its so gorgeous you can almost forgive the fact that nothing works :)

  7. You are having such a wonderful vacation. And you have time to blog. I am glad because I am throughly enjoying your vacation.

  8. Glad to hear that you made it there in one piece, even with the uncensored Pink song which made my giggle :P And it sounds like an enchanting place and they are as curious about you as you are of them! :)

  9. Ah oui, le plumbing. Gosh, that brings back some memories. Still, at least it is summer. Plumbing aside - and the stove, but then I'm not much of a cook - the farmhouse and garden look enchanting. And a donjon too, lol.

  10. That area looks wonderful!

  11. So so so jelous...waiting for more post:).

  12. It all looks fabulous, I don't think french plumbing was ever supposed to work?!
    I love the furniture in the farmhouse, genuine used french pieces not distressed reproduction! Tell Mr Bok to put his watch on his right wrist, it is supposed to help when driving on the 'other'side of the road!

  13. sweet dreams,indeed... i am oh-so-grateful that you are taking us along with you! i am loving sharing your journey with you... and smile because you are keepin' it real - the "real" places are for memories to take root! traveling mercies to you & yours.

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Enjoy every second of it Mrs Bok. The area that you are staying in looks stunning... and people staring? They are probably just wondering where the beautiful foreigners came from.

  15. Totally gorgeous, what an adventure, love Posie

  16. Oh yay, i'm your 100th follower, congratulations!! Love Posie

  17. Oh, you are just bringing me to tears with all this wonderful loveliness... I even showed my husband these photos, because it looks like you are having such a wonderful time!


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