Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give peas a chance

Mark inspired me with  'Peas in our time' to show off to you the only vegetable in my garden that is doing well this winter.  I don't know what it is.  Bugs are destroying everything and I've been so tempted to go and get pyrethrum or something else!  Sigh.

The only thing surviving in the 15m long low planter are the chillies, herbs and silverbeet - oh and one brocollini plant!  Everything else has been eaten.
 In the detritus left by the bug eaten brassica, I've planted more peas.
More caterpillar damage...

The greens on the ground are covered and these are growing well at least.

Peas in my garlic!


Golden podded peas and wee sugar snaps...

At least Florence Fennel is looking nice and plump!

The bok choy up high in the apple crates are doing well which is more than I can say for the zillions I planted in the long low bed - all of them got eaten.

How miserable is the long low planter looking??  Not even the peas in there survived the attack of the slug, snail, millipede and caterpillar.
 So depressing...

We are harvesting broccolini regularly from the 5 plants that survived being stripped by the caterpillars.  Actually I found a caterpillar floating in a vegetable broth I made the other night.  I picked it out and continued eating! Ew.

Here are the flourishing apple crates - aside from the brassica anyway.

The sweetpea are getting there!

The golden peas are getting a bit unwieldy must build better supports for them...

Go in peas and have a lovely peasful weekend



  1. It's frustrating, isn't it? ast year I had beautiful brocolli but it was full of bright green caterpillars, I ended up composting it as the thought of eating a bug freaked me out. This year they are just tarting to form heads so I'll be onto it.
    I've not heard of golden peas. I love love love fresh raw peas. I plant mine in July - bit cold down here, but they catch up quickly.

  2. O god what are you to do? Can you try one or the Eco sprays? I have to put me peas in this weekend. Good luck.

  3. Liking you pea post :) But the damage is depressing and I feel for you. We lost loads of brassicas to caterpillars a couple of years ago.

  4. Hi , just discovered your blog, and it's a great read. I seem to be one of the lucky ones that has been left alone by the caterpillars this year. My veggies are all thriving (touch wood) , however my mum is pulling her hair out with the amount of vegies she is losing. Don't give up the fight. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. at least you gave it a go, some years are just like that! I think the caterpillar in your broth would just add extra protein!!

  6. Caterpillar in the broth will never hurt you. My peas were doing great but all died off as soon as we hit over 90 degrees. Maybe I will try again this winter but usually then we are too cold and they just sit there not growing until spring.

  7. I envy your fennel...I had a complete crop failure...didn't even germinate...must have had old seed. Your peas look better than mine...I lost mine to an overzealous garden helper spraying a no-no to kill weeds in the orchard...the drift nailed my peas, cardoon and a few tomatoes....and killed a hive of bees!!!

  8. So much green! A huge favourite dish in our household is Jamie Olivers pea pasta I would imagine it would taste even better with fresh peas from the garden. Oh a just a quick hint if you are going to give this receipe a go we usually use philadelphia cooking cream instead of creme freshe easer to find in Oz and cheaper

  9. firstly - so jealous of your apple crates - I really wanted some but they don't ship to Queensland.
    Second I wish peas would grow in my garden - snow peas, beans and peas all seem to disappear and little one has a green tongue - must be good is all I can think.
    Hope your caterpillars disappear and leave your garden alone.

  10. Your greens look great! I hope they pass the season well. My garden also suffered from caterpillar damage. They took over my lettuce planter, so I will have to resow all

  11. Your garden certainly has been under siege from the beasties. I hope the peas you just sowed survive OK! I'm afraid that if I had such a problem with pests I wouldn't hesitate to put down some slug-pellets. BTW: Do those golden-podded ones taste any different?

  12. Hello everyone!
    The golden peas taste just like snowpeas to me. But they are so pretty!
    Fer I'm very sorry to hear about your lettuce, I know what that's like too! Darn slugs.
    Mark I'm going to look into the pellets although I'm afraid my hens would eat them.
    Lynda it is awful about that spray!!!! I avoid it but then look at my brassica. Sigh.
    ElsieMay your garden is fab! Apple crates are easy but rainwater tanks are good too?
    Hi Becky and Lyn, I think there was only one in the food and if not I sure got protein! Ugh!!
    Hi Jaime thanks for that recipe! Will try it.
    Hi Sarah Mo and Steve, yup I'll end up composting them too!
    Hi greenthumb and gardenbliss,I've got the Eco neem solution but I haven't decided whether or not to use it. It's meant to be harmless to 'good' insects but you never know.

  13. What is it with Melbourne this winter?! The evil bugs abound! I'm so jealous of your peas! When did you sow the yellow ones? Have you planted any broadies?

    The beer traps I dig into my veg garden have been doing really well getting the slugs off the seedlings!

    The seeds are still drying out, are you happy to wait for them? I hope thats OK!

  14. Hallo Phoebe! I've told my neighbours to look out for the seeds in case they arrive whilst we are away :)
    Didn't do broadbeans this year, didn't do too much actually knowing we'd be away for a month with a non-gardening housesitter (my sister!) :)
    I planted the peas a month ago but have been residing as they get eaten. They seem pretty hardy so far!
    I have to do beer traps but Mr Bok is so reluctant to let any go to the snails heeheeheeeee!!

  15. I am glad you found your broody hen, what a shaem you had to take her eggs away, just had to comment here as I like the way you have captured your shadow in the first photo.


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