Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pallets for Lettuce

My neighbour found an old pallet for me and lugged it home, kindly depositing it in my driveway.  I sowed seeds and waited eagerly for little seedlings to poke through the crumbly earth...and once they did I danced with glee then stomped about in a temper when I found my naughty bok flock had eaten the whole thing.

So we tried again.  And a few weeks later...TA DAH !!!!


* Staple shadecloth/weedcloth to the sides to stop soil falling out
* Let the soil settle before planting as it keeps compacting
* Drape netting over your pallet to stop your badass chooks rampaging through the whole lot

What have I planted:

* A row of beans!
* Rows of lettuce
* A row of flowers
* An overarching tee pee of more beans

I've also planted climbing beans in a teepee over it !  Yeah !

I hope Spring has finally sprung properly.  It's been freezing in Melbourne so far.

Ru watching the chooks who are milling about at the back

i love my pallet!!

Here's Mr Bok aka The Pied Piper leading the ladies to bed 



  1. I love this idea of recycling the pallet for lettuce. I already have some other plant ideas for it as well!

  2. Bad chooks, but they do know a good thing when they see it don't they? Fall here is in full swing, rewarding us with our first bit of snow so desperately needed to ease the drought conditions that we had all summer. Our first snow is nearly gone. So I will be enjoying your spring and summer over the coming months.

  3. How wonderful! Your garden is green and lovely! The girls are sure cute as they follow Mr. Bok!

  4. That's a great way of recycling a pallet! We had a few before and never thought of using it like that :)

  5. I think I saw that on Gardening Australia and thought it was a great idea, glad it warm for you.

  6. What well behaved girls following the pied piper, what badly behaved girls eating your dinner. I love your pallet too!

  7. You definitely need to take more from Ru's perspective shots, I am enjoying them! Happy palleting.

  8. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. I have recently found it and am now following you. Hopefully you will follow me also. Hugs, Chris

  9. What a clever idea for growing lettuces.

  10. Hi there.... stumbled across your blog... love it!
    Cant wait to read more.... I absolutly love the idea of using an old pallet for a vegie garden!

    Take care!


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