Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who's smarter? The bunny or the chook?


Who do you see using the grandpa feeder?

Look  closer!

I know!!  Who knew bunnies were smart enough to work a treadle...
and who knew they liked chicken feed??  (In our case - red hen free range layer grain)

And where are the hens?

Ummm...so yeah...that pretty much tells you how well it's going!  The hens eat a little out of it - although it's really only Conchita and Consuela who are brave enough to tackle the clanging thing!  As an aside they are moulting EVERYWHERE to the point I thought a fox had come...I hope it's over soon because I really miss their blue and green eggs.  OH and Tessa the welsummer has finally started laying!  Only Matilda (aka snowflake) the light sussex is free loading.

A few images below to fill you in on the last month, the last warm days of Autumn I'm thinking.

Picnics at the botanical gardens

Lots of lounging on the deck

The last summer vegies

I've been very slack in the garden.  I'm a bit disheartened - the possums keep eating everything I plant!  My beautiful big bushes of rainbow chard - gone! Capsicums - gone!  Chillies - gone!  Any ideas aside from netting?


The amazing vegie gardens and vines at Montalto winery


Yeah Tim Tam!  You own that hen house!!  Cos the chickens are just chicken!!

p.s. thank you for all your well wishes, Mr Bok is on the mend and will be back on his bike in no time!!


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