Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who's smarter? The bunny or the chook?


Who do you see using the grandpa feeder?

Look  closer!

I know!!  Who knew bunnies were smart enough to work a treadle...
and who knew they liked chicken feed??  (In our case - red hen free range layer grain)

And where are the hens?

Ummm...so yeah...that pretty much tells you how well it's going!  The hens eat a little out of it - although it's really only Conchita and Consuela who are brave enough to tackle the clanging thing!  As an aside they are moulting EVERYWHERE to the point I thought a fox had come...I hope it's over soon because I really miss their blue and green eggs.  OH and Tessa the welsummer has finally started laying!  Only Matilda (aka snowflake) the light sussex is free loading.

A few images below to fill you in on the last month, the last warm days of Autumn I'm thinking.

Picnics at the botanical gardens

Lots of lounging on the deck

The last summer vegies

I've been very slack in the garden.  I'm a bit disheartened - the possums keep eating everything I plant!  My beautiful big bushes of rainbow chard - gone! Capsicums - gone!  Chillies - gone!  Any ideas aside from netting?


The amazing vegie gardens and vines at Montalto winery


Yeah Tim Tam!  You own that hen house!!  Cos the chickens are just chicken!!

p.s. thank you for all your well wishes, Mr Bok is on the mend and will be back on his bike in no time!!


  1. Lovely photos and what a cheeky bunny. Perhaps TimTam can teach the chickens a thing or two.

  2. Tim Tam has brains as well ad good looks! How adorable :)

  3. I totally love that Bunny. What a spunk! Have you tried a floppy fence around the vegies? Animals don't like climbing unstable fences. Otherwise netting is the only option I can think of - nothing more disheartening than losing your lovely produce like that. I'm so glad Mr Bok is back on his bike :-)

  4. Thanks girls!

    Tim Tam has been enjoying days out in the garden recently although he is inside roaming the house at night or on rainy colder days. I really the hens learn to use the feeder soon, I'm worried they are starving!

    Thanks for the tip on the floppy fencing but I think the possums are just running along the driveway and jumping up onto the raised beds. It's so sad!!

  5. Hi Mrs. Bok!
    I'm so glad Mr. Bok is on the mend.
    Your bunny is so adorable and so smart, right?
    Yahoo for the molting hens!
    Your veggies are pretty! Sorry they are food for wild things!
    We have wild bunnies around here and we fear they are going to dine on OUR veggies this summer. We'll see.

  6. We have pretty much given up on vege gardens. Between the wild birds, possums and the chooks it is impossible to grow anything! Tim Tam is a very clever little bunny!

  7. Good news on Mister!

    You have a rabbit who thinks he's a chicken. Can rabbits get therapy?

    PS you have nice feet Missus, just asking to be tickled hehe ;-)

  8. The rabbit! Gardening is always a battle against the weather or creatures damaging our produce, so how special it is when we DO get some good results.

  9. Tim Tam has convinced me that not all bunnies are bad bunnies - he is just too cute! Sometimes, it's just hard to keep going with the garden. You're enthusiasm will return when you have the energy for it.

  10. That's a smart bunny you have there. Maybe the chooks can employ Tim Tam to help them use the feeder. Our ladies have just about finished molting, but the vegie garden is looking pretty bare at the moment.

  11. Are you sure its possums eating your plants and not your bunny?!
    I have two free ranging bunnies in my backyard and despite having their *bunny food available*, they are eating everything in sight, from saltbush to silverbeet, to capsicum plants and kale seedlings.
    I am going to build them a big run soon and attach it to their hutches so I can attempt to grow some more food again!!!

  12. Hi everyone!
    Hi Meeka! Yes I'm sure as the bunny cannot access the vegie area. The possums started terrorising the vegie patch a few months ago - I caught one of the in the act horrible thing - and they've been buffeting ever since!

  13. Looks like you have been busy lately, with so many great photos to look at.

  14. Ha one very clever bunny..............Good to hear Mr Bok on the mend.
    Possums can cause so much damage and once they know there's something tasty around they keep coming back till its all eaten.
    Between possums and cockatoos i lost most of my apples......

  15. Possums and rabbits are number 1 and 2 destroyers at my place! GRRRR! Love the look at the garden at the Montalto winery!
    Sending more mending wishes to Mr B!

  16. i love your garden! i want to come and just sit in it! so peaceful!

  17. Our rabbit is driving me bonkers, digging hole after hole in the back garden. Once he gets a good tunnel going, he gets bored, fills it in and starts over! And yes, he eats the chicken feed too. Glad Mr. Bok is on the mend!

  18. Oh Mrs Bok, that Tim Tam is so clever. I'd love to see he and my Chickie together sometime!

  19. I have problem with mice. They were making big families under my sweet potato plants containers. Can't take it anymore. So I cleared up a patch of my sweet potato containers yesterday. Even found 3 baby blind mice under my polystyrene containers. Did not get much harvest cause it was eaten by the mice. Hope you get some idea with the possum. Your bunny and chicks are so cute. Good to hear Mr. Bok recovering well.

  20. Yay, we've finally joined you in the chicken coop affairs - starting off with a cute set of twin Speckled Hamburgs. They are now 9 days old, chirping up a storm & growing tail feathers with pretty spots, we adore them. Thanks for the inspiration, love Posie

  21. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!


  22. Clever bunny! The more I read about the Grandpa, the more I'm thinking it's not a good idea around here. Our chickens are not very smart. We accidentally shut the door to their coop during cleaning one night before roosting time so they roosted on the roof. No problem there, it's just that they have roosted on the roof ever since that day, even though the door is well and truly open... sigh.

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