Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcoming Autumn

I'm laid low with a cold today but I am enjoying the cooler weather - Autumn has really hit us now. Had the fire on today!  March has been a bit stressful, Mr Bok's been in an accident but more on that in a later post.  Meanwhile here are a few pics of March goings on so far...

The best $5 mugs ever from Typo, the jug by Nina Ingvorm

Fluffy bunches of cheer
Vegies like huge trombocinos still make us laugh!

Dinner at Matteos - yum! Love this place.

Celebrating St Pats...more on that in another post

The chooks and Tim Tam seem to like each other now 
and stick together whenever Tim Tam leaves the house for some fresh air

Watched the Hunger Games after reading the books years ago.
I loved the movie! Yes it's for kids but I'm rather a big kid myself...

Drinks with the girls - do you like my batman impersonation gazing out over gotham city? 
Got teased unmercifully for wearing this dress - everything from batgirl to the flying nun  :)
The Aylesbury does the best tapas!


Happy lunching at Kappaya - best bentos anywhere and I eat a lot of bento boxes!
Oops - stragglers left over from summer

The grandpa feeder is going well!  The girls are now all eating out of it although they are still scared of it.  Next weekend I'll engage it properly so it only opens if they stand on the treadle.

Oh - and this is why the neighbours report a congregation of school children at our gate each morning on their way to the primary school at the end of our street - the girls line up and the children feed their lunch to them through the gate!


  1. Extra food - chickens sure know how to work it!

    I'm glad you saw my own post on the girls today. You have been looking for it, I know. I can't believe it took me this long to post about them. I lose days just hanging out with them! x

    1. Hi gorgeous! I know what you mean - they are so fascinating and such good companions. And so relaxing! Like goldfish. Not that I have goldfish and not that I ever found them relaxing I think I've killed every fish I've ever tried to keep. But I love your girls! xx

  2. Hi lovely, I'm sorry to hear about Mr Bok. Hope you are all OK!?! What do the chooks make of the bunny? I nominated you for a Liebster Award too, you may have missed my post on it a few weeks back? Hope you feel better soon xx

  3. Those cheeky chooks, encouraging the kids to give them their unwanted goodies! No wonder it took them a while to use the feeder, they weren't hungry...hope Mr Bok is ok or getting better and all that food, it almost makes me miss the big smoke!

  4. I always enjoying the first fire of the season, Love Autumn. Chooks are amazing and always remember who has food,I'm sure those schoolgirls get just as much enjoyment feeding them as your girls enjoy eating their lunch. Hope Mr Bok is well again soon.

  5. I hope Mr Bok is OK :( Glad to hear the feeder is going well. My girls got used to ours pretty quickly, but I need to elevate ours so it doesn't get clogged up underneath.

  6. Oh your poor husband... hope he is OK. And hope you feel better soon too...

  7. Who needs a television when you have chooks. They are so entertaining... and they can always work out where to find the best food.
    Speaking of food, I must admit to food envy looking at those photos. You found great food too.

    Hope you are soon over your cold and Mr Bok is OK.

  8. How can the children resist those cute chicks?!! That tapas does look good!

  9. I haven't been by for a visit in ages. It is hard to believe you are heading toward fall and us over here in the US are heading towards spring. The hens look lovely.

  10. Get well soon, looks like you have been doing lots of fun stuff.

  11. That's so cute how the kids line up to feed the chooks! They must be some of the most beloved chooks around! :D

  12. The idea of the kids lining up to feed the chooks through the gate made me laugh. They have a rabbit two houses down from us and it is a similar draw card for the kids on the way to school. I don't think many feed it though.

  13. It's just getting warm here now Missus (our turn to gloat over the weather hehe).

    I do hope Mister is ok. Must have been stressful. Hope your cold gets better too.

    Best wishes.x

  14. I just knew they would get the hang of that feeder eventually, sorry to hear about your husband though, do hope he is ok.

  15. Chooks will line up for a free feed any time. My flock were all chortling and chuckling at my daughter yesterday when she offered them some corn and oats to pick from her hands. They thought she was the BEST human ever...until I came along with meal worms!

  16. Hope everything gets better there! That squash will definitely make us laugh as well.

  17. Hope you are all on the mend. Love the chooks at the gate and the school children lineup. How exciting for them.




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