Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grass is SCARY !

"Come little human!  Take me closer to my prey!"  - says Ru, still terrified of grass, being carted about the garden by Miss Bok.

Anyone else have animals that are scared of grass??

The Bok Flock are quite disdainful of little grass-phobic Ru



If not cart then legs...anything really as long as he doesn't touch the scary grass!

In other news, the tawny frogmouths have returned to our front garden this Spring!  Hooray!


  1. I do wonder why Ru is so scared of grass?? All cats their own individual quirks I suppose! :)

  2. Roo must be an indoor kitty. My, how he has grown. Will he leave the hens alone once he understands, especially when he learns that he can eat it?

  3. I had a kitten that was scared of grass. But she got over it.

  4. At least you can be assured he won't be out hunting birds. What a funny boy.

  5. Our little dog then I got from the RSPCE a couple of months back didn't like the grass, but he has got over that now and is pulling it up.

  6. Hello Mrs. Bok!
    CUTE kitty pet!
    We have autumn and you have spring! I'm glad we are friends!

  7. How does this cat handle the snow..? Grass does tickle and even babies at first have to get used to the feel.. Very funny cat~! ENjoyed reading and lovely pictures..
    ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  8. The image of your kitty in the cart is hilarious!!! Grass is definitely more eco-friendly than electric fencing if you want to protect your hens ;) How on earth did Ru develop this fear?

  9. Your so lucky you have Tawny Frogmouths - I LOVE those creatures! All our pets have odd quirks but not with grass, that would be far too normal :-) Have a great weekend Mrs Bok! Hope you settling back OK after your wonderful trip. Mel x

  10. The image of Ru in the wagon is just so funny. I am also curious to know how this fear came about.


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