Friday, June 17, 2011

Bonjour! Pardon moi, ma Francais est tres mal...


We are in Paris!  Hooray!

Greenfumb you were right!  On this trip we are going to be in France, Ireland and Malaysia  :)  It's been so long since we did a real holiday - no work, well not much anyway - and just sightseeing and exploring with the family.  Peggy, we are not going down south as we only have a week and a bit in Ireland to see family and attend Mr Bok's sister's wedding so will stay up north.  I love Donegal and the Antrim coastline so I'm looking forward to heading there as well.

Had a fantastic trip over, airlines were on time, served great food, kids were perfect, I don't know who paid them but I'm so thankful!  Thank GOD!!!!  I felt quite close to heaven on the plane as Ms Bok (6) kept asking what would happen if we got hit by lightning...or if the engine noise stopped and didn't come on again...or if the wings fell off...she was cheerful but I was paler with each response 'we will crash and die'.

We used the CARES harness on Master Bok (2) and it did a great job of keeping him buckled in when he needed to be on the plane.


Paris is GORGEOUS.  We are staying at a terrific apartment in the 7th.  Kids stayed awake until 7pm last night then crashed and are still asleep (it's 5am here).  I'm up doing a bit of  UN work but it feels so much better doing it from this apartment in Paris than from Melbourne, no idea why, I'm still in the rosy glow of first love with Paris.  The apartment is a real splurge for us but it's also much much better than I'd expected.  Great value actually and it's in a gorgeous spot.

View from our balcony - Miss Bok is very excited she can see the Eiffel tower from here! See it just behind the apartment?

Rue Cler is the market street near us and for the first day we trailing up and down the neighbourhood admiring the buildings and produce.


We arrived at 6am here yesterday, headed straight to the apartment and then Ms Bok and I headed onto Rue Cler for what else but food shopping  :)  It's a fabulous market street, and I'm pleased to say that my terrible French has been understood by all market stall keepers who all replied back in French, slowly...I even asked the fromager for a chevre to be eaten that night and that is in season.  He must have been appalled at the way I butchered his language but he was very gracious about it.  Ms Bok was showered with free treats like mini bananas (they had no idea how happy she was, bananas being a scarce commodity back home but how were they to know that) and had a huge ice cream that she had to wash off her face and hands in a fountain we passed by.  I was somewhat disconcerted though that some young Frenchman tried to convince us to have dinner with him.  The cheek!  Me with my 6 year old!  Perhaps I should have agreed and then turned up with the whole family  :)

The smallest and sweetest fragrant and beautiful
Loaded up on the amazing berries...loving all the fruit that is in season - compared with wintry Melbourne back home it is heaven.  I adore summer fruit

No idea what these fruit  are but the market man insisted we take some as gifts

Florists abound at every turn

The glace that Miss Bok enjoyed and the fountain she washed her hands and face in afterwards!
The fromager who was so kind and understood my appalling French

Nope didn't get the huge escargot...
We collected delicious items from here for dinner - and no I don't want to have dinner with you !
Master Bok enjoying the fruits of our expedition back home (heehee fruits get it? I'm so sad)

View from our balcony facing the other way - a march of some sort complete with opera music, singing and drums.  I'm sure it was just a demonstration though?

As soon as I file this report I'm going to rouse the troops and head off for brekkie, a chocolate croissant and coffee await!  If I don't keep a travel diary like this I'm sure I'd forget what we've been doing in a jet lagged haze...surprisingly we are all feeling alert and refreshed today!

If you've been to Paris - or if you live here! - please leave me some tips on what to eat, where to go, what to avoid etc.  Thank you!!

Have a lovely day wherever you are!


  1. Oh enjoy it is all I can say. What a wonderful experience for you and your family. xx

  2. How great, what adventure, O how I wish i was you Paris in summer, I hope you all have the best holiday. Can't wait to read all about it have fun.

  3. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I really like your blog so I am going to add yours to my blog list so I can follow your adventures in travel and sustainability. Hope you don't mind. Have a wonderful time overseas.


  4. Goodness, you don't need tips - you're already very good at knowing what to do in Paris! Is there space for me in that lovely apartment? Just say the word, and I'll be on my way. I can even help with the appalling French - appalling is exactly my level.

  5. Oh my god, I think you just might of died and gone to my heaven!!!!

  6. Great to hear about the fun you're having :)
    Bon chance :)

  7. WOW! How gorgeous!! Enjoy every minute, not that you need me to tell you this, Oh, and I got a mental picture of man's expression when you turned up for dinner with the whole family, I think you should have done it, camera in hand of course!! hee, hee ;o)

  8. Ohh la la! So envious! I love Paris!! :) Have a fantastic time, enjoy the sights, sounds, and the gastronomic delights :)

  9. Have heaps of fun! Wow very lovely place to stay.

  10. Oh how I love Paris! It has to be my favorite city...and Rue Cler...Love, love, love the markets!!! Enjoy! Fill your apartment with flowers and fruit...oh and cheese...lovely French cheese! Oh and try the tiny little pale pink champagne-type grapes...lovely. Could the orange/yellow fruit be a type of passion fruit? I know there's several types.

  11. oh i am so happy to have had a chance to see my beloved paris through your lens and words and sweet family... merci. enjoy! -xok.

  12. Visiting France is on the top of my bucket I'll be following your adventures keenly. Glad to hear they don't mind if you speak woeful French.

  13. Hey Chick! Beautiful photos as usual, I don't know how you do it everytime! So glad to see you are having a great time, the apartment looks fantastic! You know, that demonstration may have been a march to send all Australian tourists home, so blend in and mingle with the crowd! heh heh. By the way, how do I say "dont eat too much cheese" in French? Luv ya :-)

  14. Enjoy Paris!Try the macaroons if you see them!Montmartre has to be my favourite part, cobbled streets and street artists everywhere, just soak up the athmosphere!
    The Louvre, see the Mona Lisa ( tiny)!Versailles,beautiful&romantic.
    Take a boat trip(baton) on the Seinne, under the bridges of Paris.
    markets,markets & markets!
    I am sorry you are not going to travel South but the Northern coastline is fantastic too!

    Peggy organicgrowingpains

  15. I have been trying to find a quiet moment, and a hot cup of tea, to come & read this post properly...

    Oh, what a holiday, love the place you are staying, what great photos, and oh, how I am living vicariously through you right now!! Wonderful, just wonderful... oh, couldn't you have just run off for a quick fling with the Frenchman?? He is just gorgeous!!

  16. Oh, so gorgeous! Beautiful photos and sights, and it sounds like you've got off to a wonderfully Parisian start. Enjoy your time there!

  17. So so jealous! Wish I was there. We love Paris- and the food- words cannot express how delicious. Enjoy every moment. Are you taking your kids to Disney land?

  18. have a wonderful time!!

    One of my favorite restaurants was Au Pied de Cochon

    And a fun activity for Ms Bok might be to spot the Space Invader tiles around the streets of Paris

  19. Oh, how wonderful, we're planning a trip to France in coming years - travelling the canals on a small narrow boat. Your trip will only add to the excitement. Enjoy!

  20. Looks so amazing! I was in Paris years ago. Of course the museums are great. Have a great time!

  21. oh lord! food! flowers! cheese! choc! oh enjoy!!!!! and what great inspiration to show you can travel with kids!

  22. Wow what a beautiful blog you have! Just looking through your travel posts and dreaming of France...
    I wonder, maybe the fruits you were given are loquats? They would have had 3 or 4 large brown smooth seeds inside.
    They grow in Australia, my neighbour has one :)


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