Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter Wednesdays

I'm joining in Winter Wednesdays today, alongside my blogging mates Hazel and Ali!

It has been FREEZING here in Melbourne, lots of snow on the slopes already.  There are peeps of sunshine throughout the day and I am thankful for winter for the simple joy of sitting in the sunshine or in front of the fire with a steaming hot mug of lavender earl grey, loacker biscuits (plenty of food miles I know but I just adore them) and a good book (I won't mention 'work' which is far more likely lately).


I hope you are cosy and warm wherever you are!


  1. Bundled in a blankie, slurping on a bowl of tofu chilli soup..waiting for those little rays of sunshine to come streaming through the window earlier this afternoon. Two dogs lying at my feet snoring.

    Three ponies nose deep in hay, chickens in the hen house, then out, then in, then out. Two ducks splashing around in the pond regardless of the foul/fowl weather.

    Yep, winter is really here.

  2. Lovely post. Thank you for playing with me. As much as you may love foxes, I didn't much like yesterday's post...yukky feral foxes!

  3. I love your house and what a little cutie you have there!

    Ooh, lavendar earl grey! How interesting...

  4. Daffodil that sounds so sweet!
    Heeheeeeee Hazel, mean old sneaky foxes! No more posts on them!
    Dixiebelle lavender Earl grey is so lovely! Sometimes called French Earl grey :)

  5. Mrs. Bok. The forecast is for 95 and fairly humid here today. I am not a fan. I would prefer your colder weather, but my garden would not. I do love the seasons though. Whatever season it may be.

  6. We're finally getting some heat here in California. It's been a long cold winter/spring.

  7. It's so cold cold in Sydney also, don't know why we booked a snow holiday?? Keek warm.

  8. What a great set up you have by the fire! I think the teddy has the best location, but that child-size table is pretty good too :)

  9. Oh, we are cosy and warm--85 degrees. Iced tea in the fridge. You stay warm and cosy. cheers. ann

  10. It's difficult for me to imagine Australia being freezing :) But you have that lovely fire :)
    Our weather is being typically British. Yesterday we had chilly breezes, sunshine and thunder - yep! we can pretty much do the seasons in one day if we're lucky ;)

  11. Stay warm and if in need of summer sunshine and warmth, call by my blog. Have a good weekend.

  12. He certainly looks happy and cozy!

    For us is the opposite, summer is just here and everything is starting to get hot and sticky

  13. Love that cute little Bok and the little red armchair. Very sweet.

  14. This blog community brings other parts of the world so close...strange to see you heading into winter while we're entering summer.

    Enjoy your winter days! :)


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