Thursday, June 23, 2011

A peek at Mrs Bok!

So I've thought long and hard about whether or not to post a pic of myself, not wanting to scare you away and all...

But I had to show you my French haircut!  It's much shorter than it usually is so now Miss Bok and I sport the same hairstyle! If you could see behind me you'd see my feathers. Being part hen and all. Ba-kark!  Bok bok bok...


This morning we are about to head off to the Loire Valley.  So sad to be leaving Paris behind. Am waiting for Mr Bok to collect us.  Driving is going to be an adventure...we've experienced wonderful French kindness and friendliness so far (people stopping us on the street to ask if we need help when we are looking lost, kind waiters, sweet shop assistants) but I'm prepared for this to all change once we start driving on the other side of the road...argh!  I'm scared!

Yesterday we visited the Musee D'Orsay, my favourite museum so far and walked around the Palais and the gardens eating ice cream.

 No photos are allowed in the galleries of the d'Orsay (so amazing!) so you'll have to be content with photos of the ceiling instead! 

Having a bite to eat in the sunshine 


Wonder where this violinist is headed to...?


 Lavender is in bloom and it smells heavenly

 Always gardeners tending to the perfectly manicured garden beds

Instead of pigeons on the squares of lawn where humans aren't allowed to tread for fear of ruining the scenery, I think chickens would make a much more attractive picture.

Statues are so elegant but pigeons find them handy too

Sigh, how lovely. Someone's boat with a car for the occasions they want to venture onto land!

Amazing shops
A dog's life in Paris is pretty special!  They are everywhere, lovingly cared for by everyone from waiters to shop assistants. And so beautifully groomed...



Oops! That's the car honking outside I'd better run.  Sorry my posts have been so brief but so photo heavy, haven't had a lot of time to write prose or anything thoughtful.  I'll see you in the Loire Valley next!  I hope my photo hasn't scared you away...please come back and visit!  I promise gardens of the French chateaux!!


  1. Ooo you are Beeyootiful! And so is Paris you lucky young things - gee I'll bet you are having a lovely, lovely time parleying le francais!

    Enjoy yourselves :)

    ps I finally managed to follow your blog... for some reason blogger has never let me do so???!!!

  2. What a fantastic holiday...and a rooly noice haircut!

    Loving the pics, I have to admit I am enjoying my vicarious holiday. day...*sigh*

  3. It's all so beautiful, including you!

  4. I am not so easy to scare ;-)but you are a natural beauty!
    Thanks for showing Paris!I have been there but only in a taxi between train stations.We went to Menton for 3 weeks!
    Hugs from me!

  5. Yay!!! You posted your picture! I love the haircut it suits you perfectly - stunning!! Thanks for sharing and lavender is one of my favourite scents it looks amazing so I can only imagine the perfume! Take care, Yollie

  6. You are saving me a fortune in travel costs as I am travelling through your photos from the comfort of my armchair. Hair looks nice on both of you.

  7. Lovely haircut. No wonder all the frenchmen were very friendly with you;-). They must thought Miss Bok is your little sister. When you are in KL don't forget to try "popiah basah" it usually has raw slice jicama in it.

  8. Ooo La La. Great hair cuts. Are the French crazy drivers? Do they drive on the wrong side of the road as the Brit do? We yanks drive on the right side of the road. What about Australia? I certainly am enjoying your vacation.

  9. Ah-h...lovely! I have been to Paris once...your photos bring back memories. Have a great time!!!

  10. Wow! You are gorgeous and the haircut is very chic! You don't look a bit like I imagined though! LOL.

  11. Thanks my little poulets! Am so glad to see you here on my blog :) And thanks for your kind words too! I'm an old Mrs Bok really - it's just the blurry photo using one of those odd photo apps heehee !

    Arrived in the Loire today, will post some pics up soon. Kids are tired out so we're flaking out early (it's 9:30pm but still very light outside).

    Oh and Ann - they drive on the same side of the road as you! It's TOTALLY FREAKY! Eek! Diana thanks for the jicama tip for KL too! Can't wait!

  12. V much enjoying your posts (and photos). You look pretty much how I imagined after I saw the photos of the Bok juniors. I love the French attitude to dogs. Very civilised. The dogs I saw were very civilised too. Sigh. I wish my four dogs were more French.

  13. What were you worried about? You're beautiful!

  14. Oh gorgeous hair! And gorgeous in general :) It's nice to be able to picture you - thanks for the photo. You and your daughter look so similar!

  15. Oh you & your whole family are super gorgeous, what a gorgeous life you're having & love the hair!! Love Posie


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