Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sustainable Living Festival


Today we took a wander through the Sustainable Living Festival weekend at Federation Square in Melbourne.  Even the weather, so uncooperative of late, gave us a beautiful day for the celebration and promotion of sustainable living.

Many varieties of heirloom apple

 Mr Bok and Master Bok by the Yarra River seen through the climbing logan berries

 Talk on permaculture in the suburbs

 Paving on the ground, Fed Square river walk

 If you can't let your chooks free range and you can't build your own run, I think this mobile chook tractor looks great!

 We enjoyed a beautiful banana nectarine smoothie blended by the pedal power of this young lady  :)

 Tunes by the river

 Lovely ladies making yummy spinach Turkish pastries

 Even dirt girl was there!

It was a lovely morning spent wandering up and down the stalls.  Even found myself a place to purchase live bugs - 'Backyard Buddies' by Eco Organic Garden.  What a fabulous thing to be able to buy!  My own little colony of green lacewings, ladybirds will hopefully arrive soon in the post and I'll take pics for you to see  :)

On the way home we stopped by Ceres again, I love their mosaic wall.  I'd love to do mosaic myself but I am not the most artistically gifted of individuals although I do excel at stick figures!    :)

We went so I could grab this:

I've been after it for ages!  And I have to say I do love it (well the few pages I've flicked through anyway).

I hope you're enjoying your day!!


  1. Sounds like it was a lovely day...very productive too for ideas on sustainability and what we can all do!

  2. That's looks like a great day out- it was far too hot here to do anything outside. I don't have the Chook Book (because I think it has recipes) but her Backyard Self Sufficiency one is my bible, I read it every change of season.

  3. LOL greenfumb, yes I am disturbed by that but I'm studiously ignoring any references to eating ones own flock!!

    Hi Maria! It was s great day do you have anything like this in your area?

  4. What a fabulous experience. It must be so lovely to go to something like this with so many like-minded people. There is so much out there to learn. I find it quite odd to think that we are now learning about how our grandparents lived their lives. It seems to have really come around full circle.
    Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos.

  5. This would have been great to go to. Lots of info and fun as well.
    Glad you and your family had a good day.

  6. thanks for this mrs b. it is wonderful to have a local blog-friend. i didn't make it to fed square this weekend but had a taste of the festival through your post. i love ceres and go there whenever i can. cheers, cm

  7. Looks like a great event, and glad to see the sun was out and the walkways dry. We were worried about our friends Down Under. Thanks for sharing your beautiful slice of the world.

  8. Lovely blog - thank you for popping onto mine!

    I'm going to follow if you don't mind!

  9. Glad you've enjoyed this post :) The best thing about blogging is making new friends like you all and I love reading your blogs and what's going on in your corners of the world :)

  10. Hi, I was on the Permaculture Melbourne stall on Sat. Sorry i didn't meet you. Great blog, of re-transmitted it on mine



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