Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Astrid ate a moth

Yes I'm terribly excited! And no photo either was too busy trying to hose the girls down ( well their feet anyway) in today's 41 degree heat.

So there I was trying to cool the bok flock today, they ran squawking across the lawn (not very well done me, trying to cool them down and conserve their energy and instead get them streaking about the yard) except Astrid. She was very intent on stalking a moth...which she then caught! I was so very proud. Given how afraid my brood are of bugs, I consider this a break through!

Bok Choy did struggle a bit today so I brought her inside. I hope she recovers from the heat stress. Took the opportunity to trim her pom pom too in a bid to improve her eyesight.

Anyway thinking of all you Queenslanders faced with yet another challenge from Mother Nature, the worst predicted cyclone to hit us yet.

G'night all

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