Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Australia we are in for a bad night

Fires and floods in one state. QLD barely given a breather from floods before the largest cyclone Australia has seen about to hit our Queensland.

There isn't much to celebrate this Chinese New Year's eve.

The feeling of apprehension in the air even in a southern state like this and anxiety for our friends up north...the size of the cyclone is so large that it would almost cover the entire US, most of Asia and large parts of Europe.

The US from Pennsylvania to Nevada and Georgia to Canada and well into Mexico would be battered by 300 km/h winds and up to one metre of rain.

The whole of Britain would be overwhelmed, with France and Germany catastrophically affected;

In Asia, an area from Japan, all of Korea and China all the way through SE Asia around through India and the Himalayas, threatening large parts of central Asia. OMG reading this I want to cry.

We are in for a bad night.

Poor Australia, we really are going through a tough time at the moment.

This is a great article to show the magnitude of Tropical Cyclone Yasi:

Queenslanders I'm thinking of you tonight.

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  1. I too have been practically in tears reading about it - I am devouring everything I can find. It is so frightening. I will be thinking of the poor Queenslanders all night.


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