Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart felt prayers for NZ

To all my New Zealand blog friends, I hope your loved ones are safe. New Zealand and Christchurchers are in my thoughts and prayers this night.          

My prayers and thoughts are also with the Libyan people and what they are going through as their authorities massacre innocent civilians. I'm constantly reminded time and again of how fortunate I am to have been born into democracy and freedom, things I often take for granted and are so central and so essential to our lives.

With devastation whether from natural disaster or unhinged dictators, always comes hope and I find people with their stories of courage and fortitude who live through such times to be so inspirational.

My heart is full with the emotions that come from being a human being reading about and watching news and twitter feeds on what is going on in our crazy world today. There are no words to describe it - anything to be said seems so inadequate.  At times like these, being a helpless watcher so far away, we wonder what can we do to help.  We can send prayers and thoughts their way and donate to places like The Red Cross. www.theredcross.org.au


  1. hi mrs b, so many stories of disaster and we are safe for now although an unexpected accident has changed my life for a couple of months so i guess we do not live in such an orderly predictable world as we think we do. cheers, cm

  2. Such terribly sad news about Christchurch. For them to bounce back after the first quake and for this to happen to them again, but with more devastation is so awful :(

  3. I was just reading about this.. my heart breaks for all who are effected by this horrible, horrible tragedy.
    ~ Jo

  4. Hi, we have seen it on TV and some Irish people have been caught up in it too. The city was just coming to life again and now this terrible tragedy takes place.Our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch and NZ.

  5. Such an incredibly sad time for our little country. We can scarely believe it's true! But the kindness and outpouring of love from all over the world has been heartwarming...so much help, especially from our cousins over the Tasman :) Thank you!

  6. It is really hard to see all the very personal images of people in grief, people hurt, people staring out from windows in buildings where it is too unsafe to rescue them, it is awful to be so helpless knowing there are so many in need of help now let alone the mammoth task of rebuilding. Christchurchers have shown us how courageous and resilient they are and I know they will be able to get up again and rebuild.


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