Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Heart reef taken a few years ago when we flew over the great barrier reef

I know there is a camp that say Valentines Day is commercial hogwash aimed at making retailers wealthy and that it isn't a day for 'real' lovers...but I think that any day and any reason to give extra thought and show more love to those we, well, love! is a day worthy of celebration.

So I packed my love off to work this morning with these secretly tucked away in his bag:

stickers which I found here:

And although I had grand plans for making a special breakfast, we slept through the alarm due to our 2 year joining us in bed sometime during the night and doing kung fu in his sleep all night long  :)     So with tender kisses and Elephant Chews, I sent my valentine off to work (late). 

We aren't a terribly showy couple in public, we do our admiring largely in private, in secret glances and quiet clasping of hands.  We even speak in our own code lest anyone *gasp* overhear!

We are each other's 'Anorak Soulmate'.  
 This print from the black apple hangs in our living room - it represents us so well!

Do you know Bic Runga?  If not, have a listen.  This old song is very 'us' and is a good one for all of the secret lovers out there.

Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.


  1. aww, so sweet... It's those little things that make a difference I say. I would much rather that than a bunch of red roses and a fluffy teddy bear.

  2. I too put little notes and stickers in my wee girls lunch boxes this morning. I think I had as much fun doing this as they had eating the sweet treats!
    Lovely to meet you via the blog world. Amanda xx

  3. So sweet!! I don't think we have to do something extravagant to show how much we love someone... it's the little things that matter most. :)
    Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!
    ~ Jo :)

  4. :)

    Mr Bok sent me a note today in response "i still love you even though you cut wobbly circles"

    That's appreciation for you!

    I hope you had a lovely day!! Picnicked (is that a word?!) in our backyard with our kids...and the chooks! they were so funny perched in a row waiting for tidbits :)

  5. Hi Mrs Bok! Love those stickers :)

    Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day! I love to celebrate it...quietly ;)

  6. Hope your valentine day extend to Valentine week! My 3 year old also does a lot of kung fu in his sleep.


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