Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warrandyte Pottery Expo

Today is our last Saturday of Summer and judging from the weather forecast, the last warm day too!

Doesn't feel like we've had much of a summer this year.  We've even had the fire on for warmth a few times! 

We visited the pottery festival in Warrandyte this morning - a collection of artists who gather by the river each year to display their art.

It was a gorgeous morning for it, already 28 degrees at 10am. 

The yarra is so full after the rain we've had this summer.   

I love these guys:

Such happy creatures to welcome us!

Kind generous souls making available their home grown produce for peckish visitors to nibble at!

I'm looking forward to seeing the 2011 bench at next year's expo!

How amazing are the works in this photo by Jena Bedson of Jena Ceramics.  I love those ceramic sunflowers.  The birdbath and the planter on totems are so covetable!

I was so happy to meet Julia from Mud Factory again, we already have one of her 'chooks' in our garden!

I love this little ceramic mobile from madebytruly.
 and of course I couldn't not take a picture of this hen!

Warrandyte village is filled with beautiful handcrafted items like this public water fountain:

And this crooked water vessel and mosaic bench at the bakery 
There are tributes to Warrandyte's history as well, be it in a plaque or in a tile.

I love seeing a village taking pride in its history and its community.

 Can you guess from my shadow what I'm carrying home from the market...?

I think they fit right in (the two ceramic sunflowers I brought home).  I LOVE them!!

We had a great morning, thank you beautiful talented artists!

 Master Bok wishes he could take this friendly fellow wouldn't he be lovely on the front lawn!  Someone for visitors to hug!


  1. Seems like a very fun trip and very enjoyable day spent. Lots of nice crafts. You brought many treasures back home;-).

  2. G'day I found you sticky beaking around blogland. Just thought I would say, years ago I made a visit to e the warrandyte fair, I am excited to see on your blog that it is still going strong. the chooks are great aren't they, as are the big flowers. Btw, i am a hobby potter.

  3. Hello girls! Yes I am guilty of reading lots of blogs :) I'm new to this and have been amazed by how many blogs there are to do with my favorite subjects, gardening, permaculture and sustainability! It's been so good to meet so many lovely people. It's very absorbing looking at how others are managing their gardens and I wonder what Mr Bok makes of it all :) The kids have been looking curiously at my screen though and making comments on some of the blogs I come across. So good to get inspiration from others!

  4. Great photos! I especially love those little chooks, looking at me all wide-eyed. :)

    Thanks for sharing your day with us! :)


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