Friday, February 18, 2011


What does it mean to be human?

Humanity is 'the quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence'. 

This week saw Australia put an orphaned 9 year old child who has been through more trauma than most of us can imagine, back into detention for wanting refugee status.  This is a child who lost both his parents when the asylum seeker boat he was travelling in broke up off Christmas Island killing up to 50 people. He goes to the gate every time a bus bringing a new group of refugees turns up at the detention centre, looking for his parents because he can't believe they are gone.  I cried my eyes out when I saw the news and I just cannot believe that Australia put him back into detention after he was united with some family members who reside in Sydney at the funeral for his father (his mother's body was never found).

This was a week that also saw our opposition question taxpayer funding of funeral transportation for the orphan and relatives of those who died in the Christmas Island tragedy.

I am so angry with our politicians, both sides - and also with people who support such unjust and inhumane treatment.  I don't believe anyone sets out in life to be evil and mean spirited but xenophobia it seems is unperishable and I just don't know what anyone can do to change that.   

It brings such heartache to think about what the people in detention have endured in their lives to bring them to this condition - and what they continue to endure as they await 'processing'.

What is the point of being human if we cannot act with humanity?


  1. sorry this isn't a post about gardens, chickens or houses. I just don't want to forget how this story made me feel.

  2. this made me cry. I spoke to hubby about it and he'd read that there is every chance he will be reunited with his family member is Sydney, but has to go back to Christmas Island first as it would be breaking the rules and his case will be heard individually. Well that rule needs to be broken for this poor little boy. How can people be so stupid. This is the saddest thing.

  3. Hi Laura, I totally agree with you - how can people be so stupid! The rules that put children into mandatory detention in such punishing conditions are inhumane. It is just so sickening and bewildering. The paper reports that apparently it will take at least another week for seena to be released during which time he can expect to be still seated by the door in the hope that his mother who undoubtedly drowned will walk through it, instead of being with his family in sydney :( I can't imagine what he's been through in his short life :(

  4. I have to say when I heard about this story my heart broke but it breaks every time I think about these vulnerable people, refugees, in detention.

    When did mainstream Australian society forget that we are all immigrants it just depends how far we go back.

    Kind Regards

  5. thanks for bringing this up and expressing yourself so powerfully. the question is how to influence policy and i think being active on is one way to play a little part. cheers, cm

  6. Belinda I agree. Show some compassion and kindness - all of us have and will need those qualities shown to us so why not give it to others when they so clearly need it...

    CM thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Maybe we will meet at Ceres one day! :)

  7. if we're to recognize each you wear a chicken badge and i'll wear a sprig of catmint in my hair!


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