Wednesday, February 9, 2011

House on Maple

I've just remembered that I started a blog a while ago whilst we were cosmetically renovating our home!  She needs a major renovation - structural works and all - but that is a few years away now.  Thought you might like to see what she is like...also a link in as a diary for me in case I ever forget!

I'm thinking of resurrecting that old blog but I'm not sure.  What do you think?

We put new shelves into Master Bok's room to make it easier for him to see his books!

On my dresser

on my bedside table

On my dresser 
Pages from an old vintage book hang above the bed...


  1. Hi there, I just had a sneaky peak at your home and I have to say it's absolutely gorgoeus...Old houses have so much character. I like your style, it is very fresh and feels very warm...:)

  2. Hello! Thank you! :) Our old girl does have a lot of charm even if she's falling apart a bit. I often have discussions with her about this and that!


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