Sunday, February 27, 2011

Very odd behaviour by The Bok Flock

I'm often totally bewildered by chook behaviour - or perhaps not chook behaviour overall, but the bizarre behaviour of my little bok flock.

If this is the last time I post, it will be because I've caught my death of cold because of the bok flock.

It is pelting with rain here today, the sort of rain that's like an ocean with holes in it. Where are the bok flock? Why, out in the midst of it of course! Bedraggled and huddling under a few very young saplings that don't provide any shelter whatsoever. Even whilst shaking my head at the contrary and seeming obtuseness of my chickens, silly old me went out into the rain trying to herd them inside their coop. Funny old girls running about trying their best to avoid the coop. I managed to scoop up Cloud Zen and pop her in, but the others just ran into the rain looking at me as if it was very rude of me to try to spoil their fun.  Can you see the lovely big deck they can shelter under if they don't want to go into their coop?  Do you think they'll go there?  Nope.
I then took Master Bok's little ikea table outside so at least they'd have something to shelter under (you'd think they would run and shelter under the trampoline or on the deck but nope they eschew such hardy structures preferring instead to show me how tough they really are) and put some treats under to lure them there - but again, I met with failure.  Meanwhile I'm drenched to the bone, in my second change of clothes, hair dripping wet and barely able to see because of the water streaming into my eyes and the fogging up of my glasses...
Can you see the entrance to their run/coop over there on the right?  It's not at all hard to get to and they all march in there at 7pm every is a run which leads to a coop.  Although the run has a roof I put tarp over it anyway to stop rain getting in through the wire on the sides.
I think it's Astrid. I've caught the others looking at her as if to say 'come ON let's shelter already' but because she is their leader and seems to enjoy being soaked...they are resigned to the same fate. Sigh.  Perhaps they'll hold a revolt after this? 

Another fine example of odd chook behaviour:

Yesterday I tried to feed our chooks a few worms from our worm their absolute disgust! Their reaction to the worms was similar to the reaction I garnered when I tried to feed them snails (which they still can't stand).

This is Astrid the leader having a good look.  I've put a dandelion near the worm so you can see where it is.

This is Astrid turning away trying to clean her beak of the slime...

Astrid fully ran away squawking her disgust that I could try to feed her such a wriggly horrible creature...poor old worm.  Can you see her looking reproachfully at me?

 This is the same reaction from Sophie...the others pretty much just had a cursory glance at that point, said 'Ewwwwww!' in chook language when they saw the worm wriggle and ran away...

The worm ended up burrowing down into the lawn probably thanking its lucky stars.

Bok boks eh...they are such odd creatures.  I'm staring out at the teeming raining glumly watching my chooks get wetter and wetter - but still not seeking shelter in any of the right places! 

Here's what I've picked for lunch today:

At least I can keep these guys under shelter if they need it.  Sneeze.  Sniffle.  Cough.  Ugh...


  1. Great post! My flock stayed out in the rain all day yesterday, even with the temperatures freezing..crazy birds! Your lunch looks delicious and I'm sure it tastes wonderful.. I can't wait until spring arrives here and I have fresh-from-the-garden vegetables again :)

  2. Your lunch looks fantastic - very colourful. I wonder if chickens might actually like the rain? Weird!

  3. I've just read your comment that you left at the Garden Spot and I've become one of your followers. Nice to meet you Mrs.Bok. cheers. ann

  4. Hi Rebecca! Glad to know that my flock aren't the only crazies :)
    Happy belated Suzanne! Maybe they do like the rain but they seem so miserable in it! Chooks are so funny.
    Hi Ann! I read that you're thinking of getting chooks and had to give you a nudge to say yeah! Hens are terrific. Not just for their eggs and poo bit more for their adorable little personalities :) Looking forward to seeing yours when they arrive!

  5. I had to come and visit you after reading your comment about lack of sewing prowess at Peggy's Organic Growing Pains. I am also completely hopeless with a needle, so it's nice to find someone else in the blog world which seems full of people sewing their own lawn mowers.
    We live in the centre of the city and keeping hens is forbidden by the terms of our title deeds, and also forbidden at our allotment which we rent from the city council. But my grandmother kept hens, and I have fond memories of them. In summer they used to come in through the open kitchen window and perch on the table. I remember the shout of 'Hens in the kitchen!'

  6. Aww silly chooks, luckily mine are slightly more sensible and at least huddle under a table when it rains. They love worms but like yours think snails and slugs are disgusting!

  7. Chickens have such distinct personalities don't they! I love reading about the adventures of chickens. I'm sure there's a movie in there somewhere :)

  8. What a great post. Raising a small flock of chickens is a dream of mine. I've actually done a post on it. Your girls are lovely and I look forward to many more enjoyable visits.

  9. What stubborn hens you have, funny story. Looking forward to hearing more about them. A real shame about your cold and hope you recover quickly. Thanks for joining my blog. Kelli

  10. Thanks guys and gals! I was so tempted to leave the girls in their coop/run today and not let them out knowing another downpour is forecast...but the indignant ba-kark!-ing and rattling of the coop changed my mind. They are now out in it again...funny creatures! Thank you for visiting with me :)

  11. Having grown up with chooks I can safely say, they have small heads, which means small brains...delightful as they are. I'll bet that worm was sweating there while the chooks investigated..."if I keep very, very still maybe they won't notice me..."
    (I loved your ocean rain discription too)

  12. I'm wondering if chickens actually like the rain, too. Love your flock... they're so cute!! I can picture you out there, trying to round them up... lol! Hope you didn't really catch a cold... :)

  13. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow you. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too.

    God bless you :-)


  14. Ha ha, contrary chooks. Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving comments. I shall return to see if those chickens gain any wisdom with age.

  15. Aren't chickens just the maddest creatures? Ours turn their noses up at manure worms from the worm farm as well, although they'll happily dig up and eat earthworms. Who would ever have thought chooks would be fussy eaters? (Ours will eat snails though) :)


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