Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magnolia Square

Today is such a gorgeous Autumn day in Melbourne! This is a terrible pic out the window of my car but still you get a sense of what the day is like:
After an early breakfast with girlfriends at Bakba, I went to take a peek at Magnolia Square, a market where local designers and retailers come together to showcase their products.  My primary reason for going was to visit a friend of mine who has an amazing stand there, very sadly I left my camera at home so these pics are taken with my phone!  Not at all the same I know but gives you a glimpse anyway.

This is my friend's stand, she is the founder of  Down to the Woods.  Aren't her products amazing! 
 My favourites are the garlands and the toadstool lamp - and the rabbit lamp and the toadstool rug...and and AND!  :) 

  The Easter eggs are terrific too.

Here are some other retailers - I love Make Me Iconic, I got Natasha's wooden tram for Master Bok for Christmas and he plays with it every day.  I've got fond memories of the old Melbourne icon, Skipping Rope Girl and she's been hanging on the wall in our home for a while now...I've snuck in a pic of our living room too!

 Love this - it is a paper installation as part of the show which evolves as the show goes on:

I have a few prints from Printspace on my walls too.  Actually you know what, I do a pretty good job of supporting our local artists (much to Mr Bok's disgust at times - 'you spent how much again?')

I'm afraid I went a bit overboard here at this stand, Vintage Prints.  I blame Amber.  Their prints are actually pages from vintage books.  Some of my old favourites from childhood are here!  How could I resist!

Then there are some of the more modern books...Richard Scarry is one Master Bok's favourites. 

 I nearly took this home but ran out of funds very sadly as I LOVE it.
 I picked also up a necklace for Miss Bok from Dick and Dora - a lovely big bright orange one.

  This paper installation is gorgeous, the butterfly lamp is brilliant.

So I'm traipsing off home now...with my orange necklace...and a few vintage prints!

I took the garlands from Down to the Woods home with me and had a play with them cos I love to play!

Hmm the girls aren't sure about these woolly pom pom things...
They definitely belong inside with us! Where they will merrily join me on many adventures draped around my neck pseudo-scarf style (if I can bear the itching...)

really must declutter the living room! Toys everywhere...

Hallway much better jazzed up with garlands!


  1. Ive never heard of magnolia square! Where is it?
    ahh Bakba...

  2. Hi ... thanks so much for blogging about our event, you've done a wonderful wrap up!
    Nic MacIsaac

  3. WOW...What A GREAT PLACE! I just love Melbourne. How nice would it be to have a free morning to wander around this market, Would also be nice if it were just around the corner...which it aint! I'd probably also be broke if I spent the morning there anyway! Love your Pom Poms, they just look great everywhere! :)

  4. I'm liking the journey of the new garland around your home, which is very lovely by the way. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. xx

  5. Wow so many cute stuff at the market I would dearly like to have. Thank you so much for your prayer and supports. We have moved out from ICU to the cardiac ward now. Rayyan is a bit quiet today maybe he feels overwhelm.

  6. Hi everyone!

    Diana, I really hope Rayyan recovers quickly. I can't imagine what you've been through, you are all so brave and I'm so glad he's out of ICU! It's a great sign!

    Phoebe, Magnolia Square is an event so moves from venue to venue at different times of the year. Definitely look out for it as it is worth visiting!

    Nic, you put on another amazing event so thank you for running it to let people like me have a chat with the artists themselves!

    Gooseberry Jam, I keep eyeing my kitchen pots and pans LOL and thinking of how I can sneak them onto the fence!!

    Brismod, I love your Queenslander! Your journey reminds me of our journey with our century old californian bungalow. It's a lot of work...but a labour of love!

  7. It looks like a real Aladdin's Cave, full of treasures.

  8. I love all these wonderful finds! Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could find loving it...following :))
    Enjoy your w/end

  9. thanks for the round up, i have stepped back from visiting lots of markets to give myself some headspace of late, but still enjoy looking at your lovely piccies.

  10. You are hilarious!
    Love the garland.
    Love the chickens (poor Lavender!).
    Will have to get Mr Tonic onto your blog - he keeps threatening to buy Chooks (he yearns for a Bantum), as our house came with an enormous chicken coop (coup?) up the back of the garden...

  11. Louise - get chooks! You've got the huge coop already I'm so envious! I keep eyeing off old sheds with a speculative gleam...hrmm! Mr Bok is nervous he'll come home and be overrun by feathers :)


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