Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's happening at Maple Cottage today...?

Instead of harvesting today, we were removing almost everything to make way for Autumn plantings. 

Master Bok picking as many cherry tomatoes as he can
There were a few hidden treasures tucked under all those rambling tomatoes and beans!  Here are a few treasures that were missed:

Eggplant hidden under massive zucchini leaves
Lime verbena hidden away now finds the sunlight
How we missed this massive cucumber I just don't know!!

Being a rare warm weekend, Miss Bok took the opportunity to finally paint her apple crate!  I was told that it was all up to her and that I should just let her paint whatever she wanted and that I could paint my own (well that's true I do have my own but I'll have to do it another weekend).  So I left her to it whilst I popped out to a permaculture group meet - will post more on that soon.
Apple crates were originally from our friends at the Little Vegie Patch Co
Side 1
The colours are far brighter than how they turned out in this picture
Side 2

We collected lots of seeds for new plantings.

Miss Bok collecting seed heads to shake out later
Lettuce seeds
Copious amounts of parsley seed

Loads of thyme seeds all sprouting up already under the strawberries
Way too much basil

Chooks getting one of the parsley plants we pulled out
In pulling out all our summer vegies, we found lots of these guys, praying mantis.  I love them!

In the silverbeet!

A huge one on the tap!
In the lime tree...

I've got a rather special project going on at the moment.  It's causing me a great deal of heartache indeed.  It deserves its own post so I'll post it soon.  It involves the colour lavender...can you guess?


  1. I love how Miss Bok has decorated her planter, it looks fab. It seems strange seeing you harvesting your veggies at this time of year, how different it is on the other side of the world.

  2. Hi there, what a great vegie patch. I love praying mantis as well. My sister used to keep some as pets when we were little. They once had babies and they were everywhere!

  3. Thx Jo! I do love seeing what people are up to in their gardens in their own corners of the world! It is strange though to see snow on your side :)
    Hi Sarah, I love the baby praying mantis, so cute! Hope ours have babies too. And that the chooks don't get to them!

  4. That's what I was doing today too (removing summer crops to make way for autumn...not painting the apple crate). Love the apple crate painting. Very cute little painter too.

  5. What a fun day and I must say that Miss Bok is a very talented artist! :D

  6. Miss Bok did a very nice job on the crate. It's lovely!!

    It sounds like you got a lot done in the garden. I always find it amazing when I find an overgrown veggie in the garden....but, it happens to all of us.

    We get a lot of praying mantis here too. They are such a cool insect.

  7. Last post first, I would so love to visit Magnolia Sq market!!
    Miss Bok has a brilliant sense of colour,an artist in the making I think.
    We are planting our seeds now for our summer season, you can have something in the garden all year round but we are very curtailed in what we can leave in the ground over winter.

  8. Miss Bok did a wonderful job on her apple crate. Sooo creative,and so cute too boot. Your garden is to die for. Having too much basil is a problem I would like to tackle. Maybe you should make a big batch of pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays. You will have it all winter long. Really enjoyed my visit today.

  9. Thank you everyone! :)

    I definitely won't be painting pictures on my apple crate now LOL I'll stick to stripes. I can't compete with my daughter! Although I do a great stick figure :D

    Pesto is in the freezer!

  10. That is such a lovely eggplant! Mine are covered in flowers and no fruit so far... I'm thinking its too lat for them but I cant bring myself to pull them out yet!
    I love that Miss Bok has her own productive (in all senses of the word) space. My parents did the same thing for me and I have turned it into a career. Good on you mum!

  11. I really admire your apple crate, wish we have one too!


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