Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect Autumn weather - weddings, birthdays and home made sculptures

We had a beautiful Autumn weekend in Melbourne.  It was fine, warm and sunny and even the moon shone the brightest it has in 18 years....

Mr Bok made me promise to stay away from the the news this weekend or at least not discuss it.  I'm doing my best but there is so much going on in the world at the moment.  I think about Japan, Libya,'s neverending and I admit to feeling guilty at enjoying a fine day when so many are suffering. So this is a post about the Autumn weekend and a reminder that joy and sunshine exists and you've got to be present - in the moment - to fully appreciate it.  It helps that I'm only croaking at the moment having lost my voice somewhat and it's amazing how much peace such silence can bring, although of course it's frustrating to try to tell off your naughty children only to have them dance around you giggling  :)

On Saturday we attended a lovely wedding at a winery in country Victoria.

 Even the vines were draped in bridal finery, veiled in bird netting!
The lily pond in the background of the ceremony (beside the vines) has me wondering once again how we can incorporate a pond into our backyard without a curious 2 year old falling into it!  :)
Mr Bok stayed far above the ceremony with Master Bok overlooking the proceedings that were happening below in the grape vines. This distance was primarily because Master Bok was likely to race through the ceremony troubling it was, as the celebrant was talking about the hope that the peace and serenity of the location would follow the new couple in life, Master Bok was screeching out excitedly about seeing birds and a dragonfly.  Well I do wish the new couple peace, serenity and happiness...but also the joyful interruptions that children bring.

 On our way home, we came across these...what do you think they are...?

They look like more grape vines, but they aren't!
Ta dah!  Hydroponically grown strawberries - but from a distance they blend right into the rolling vineyards surrounding them. 

On Sunday we were lucky enough to attend the 50th birthday of a dear friend of mine.  He has the most gorgeous property...his garden is amazing full of interesting nooks and plenty of places to steal away for a nap!  The only thing he's missing are chooks - of course!  I hope to convince him of the benefits of a flock of his own!  As I wandered through the sprawling garden, I kept thinking about how my flock would love it here. 
His garden is so very lovely. Mr Bok 'hrmmmmed' at me warily as I swooned about the place croaking 'you can do this can't you!' and 'you can build that when we move out to a big block!'  Dreams eh!

In one of his many ponds, there are several varieties of tadpole! How cute are they! Another reason to get a pond methinks!
His vegies are as ornamental and ordered as the rest of his garden
Love stumbling across 'sculptures' everywhere - they are bits and pieces taken from the farm he used to have
Old electric fencing turned into an interesting feature in the garden
Citrus trees hang heavy with fruit

I spot carrots and cucumbers just dying back now
Hidden paths
Wide open spaces
When we renovate, I'd love a decking area like this, all hung over with wisteria, so pretty *sigh*
Another sculpture lovingly made - I love what they've done with their grandparent's old pots and pans.

A sunny spot for the trampoline (in-ground!  I wish!)
Ball of barbed wire from their old farm
The herb garden is decorated with bits and pieces from their old farm
I've got to get a new composter and I'm thinking something like this (they have loads of them dotted about everywhere) as it has a tray you can pull out to easily deposit the new compost.  I've got a tumbler but it's too hard to use and I don't think my worms like being tumbled about in worm farm is great but I'd like to do more composting.  Only thing is, I don't want vermin!  which is why I went for a tumbler in the first place.  What do you all use and how do you keep out mice?

It was a lovely 50th and a lovely day for it.

I've got lots to share with you about my chooks but this post is long enough as it is so I'll save it for another post.  I hope you've had a good weekend too!


  1. What a lovely outing Mrs. Bok. Thank you for sharing. I would also like to have a pond full of lotus as well and share the same thought as you~ the curious almost4 years old and 18 months old. What to do with them;-).

  2. You seem to be relaxed with spending days in such beautiful garden! Yeah, we have to let our stress out after we feel negative.
    In my case, I got haircut today for de-stressing.

  3. WHat a wonderful weekend. I've never sen strawberries grown like that - so easy to pick!
    Your friend has a stunning garden. It must be a lot of work. Absolutely perfect :)

  4. I bought strawberries from that place on Sunday after getting the chickens from Macclesfield!
    The garden looks great and I love all the sculptures! Your friend obviously has the eye!
    Also, your flower brooch os rather lovely...

  5. What a beautiful country you live in. All the gorgeous gardens and the stunning vineyards. We are heading towards Spring and Fall is arriving where you are. It seems so funny.

  6. I think we need moments of loveliness and friends :) What is happening on this planet is just so upsetting and it's moment like those that help us enormously!


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