Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lavender - update


It is 5:30 in the afternoon.  The bok flock are all settled near the coop, minus Cloud Zen who in typical grandma fashion is already in bed in the roost part of the coop.

Lavender is perched in the doorway of the roost looking out at the bok flock.

Progress?  I hope so...

Came home to a house redolent of hyacinths

Mr Bok came home with hyacinths and tulips, where he found them in Autumn I have no idea...I love hyacinths because of their perfume, so gorgeous.  There are 12 stems dotted about the house and it's heavenly.


  1. Ah, let's hope Lavender is finally being accepted.

  2. Hopefully everyone is starting to accept the lovely new comer.

    How nice to come home to some beautiful flowers! Sounds like he's a keeper :)

  3. Oh goody! I am very hopeful for lovely Lavender :)

  4. I hope poor Lavender is being accepted and not just being ignored?!Lovely Hyacinths, they are a Spring flower over here so are out now

  5. awwww you are all so sweet, it gives me such a boost to read your comments! Thank you :)

  6. Hyacinths and tulips are my two favorite flowers!!! So pretty :-)

  7. I have hope for lavender.:) Your flowers are sooo lovely!
    Have a great weekend coming up!
    ~ Jo :)


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