Monday, March 7, 2011


Over the weekend I brought home a bantam araucana pullet.  I've been wanting to round the flock up to 6 members since Bok Choy passed away. I still find myself going to do a 6 head count at bedtime.  I miss Bok Choy!  I've been waiting for a bantam araucana pullet to become available, but they are not easy to come by so I had to take the opportunity to get one when a hatching became available.

This is Lavender (imaginatively named by Miss Bok seeing as her colouring is...well...lavender!).

On Saturday night when all was dark, I snuck her into the coop.  All was good!  Until I let everyone out early on Sunday morning...

Astrid realised that there was a new comer and that was it!  She raced at poor little Lavender and pecked her away.  I was so shocked.  I don't like seeing this side of my Astrid!!

So whilst the flock roamed about, poor Lavender stayed inside the open part of the coop, terribly lonely in her isolation.  At least she had plenty of food and water.

The flock went about their day as usual with Astrid darting out to peck at Lavender anytime she tried to come close.
Sunday night I let Lavender into the coop's roost box with the flock but kept Astrid out in the open part of the coop and as she wasn't allowing Lavender inside the roost.

This morning I tried to keep Astrid separate to let Lavender bond a little with the others.   Ideally I would have a spare coop but I don' will have to make do with what I do have. 

With Astrid away, the bok flock milled around a bit looking a little lost, then Sophie stepped up and led the flock away.  Little Lavender was too frightened to follow them so she is still in the coop too afraid to venture anywhere near the other big bad hens.

I hope they let little Lavender in soon.  She is so brave and has such spirit - they should love her!  I do already of course.  I've asked for one of her hatching mates but the breeder tells me that the others are already set aside for other people so no luck getting Lavender any company that way...ah well.  I'm hoping over time she will be allowed to integrate.  I've kept Astrid away in another section of the garden, but her mournful calling is also heart breaking so I'm going to relent and let her out.  If she could stop seeing Lavender as an intruder and just welcome her, they'd all be so much happier!  I keep looking out and seeing her all alone, it makes me so so sad.

Little do men perceive what solitude is, and how far it extendeth.
For a crowd is not company, and faces are but a gallery of pictures,
and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love. - Francis Bacon


  1. Don't give up hope - I added my three new girls more than a month ago and it's only over this weekend that I really noticed how well everyone is FINALLY getting on. You're good to give little Lavender her own "safe space" - I've found Skippy, my sweetheart, with a bloody comb on more than one occasion and it makes me SO mad with my long-time resident girls. I just want to give them all spankings! lol

  2. Poor little Lavender. Hopefully soon her mates will accept her. We are getting our chicks Wednesday, 8. They will make their debut on my Garden Spot blog by the end of the week. I may have questions. Good luck little Lavender. cheers. ann

  3. Such a heart-breaking tale about hen-pecked Lavender. I never realised chickens could be so mean. Let's hope everyone will be good friends soon. xx

  4. Poor Lavender, keep us posted on how long it takes for her to be accepted as one of the flock!

  5. She is so beautiful! Araucanas make blue eggs dont they? Pale blue ones?
    Where did you get her from? Ive been looking for a place to get chickens from in Melb. for ages!

  6. Poor wee girl. When I introduce new chickens I try to keep them separate but visible to the others for a few days. It's a shame there weren't 2, that way she would have had company. But keep at it! I've introduced many chickens to chickens and it's always worked. She's such a pretty wee thing. I have three araucanas that are just a few weeks old and I must admit to getting terribly attached to them, they're very cute!

  7. Thank you for your kind thoughts! :)
    Update - I just went to feed the chooks some frozen strawberries and saw Astrid and Lavender standing within pecking distance of each other but not fighting! Astrid watched Lavender eat a bit of strawberry before remembering she was meant to be top chook and squawked a warning. Lavender legged it away but it's a first step! Yesterday I'm sure Astrid wouldn't have let her near. Maybe she is working out that Lavender is actually a chicken and not a dangerous intruder like those pesky wild parrots?
    Phoebe, yup they lay blue eggs - I got her from Suburban chooks but there are loads of breeders about depending on what sort you're after! What are you thinking of? Looking forward to seeing yours ann. Will keep an eye out!

  8. Laura - snap! Must've posted at the same time as you.

  9. Aww I want to pat Lavender and tell her that everything will be all right! What a brave, lovely gal!

  10. She's such a lovely colour and so sweet looking, hopefully after not too long they'll all settle in together. :)

  11. What a pretty name-lavendar. Rayyan enjoy looking at your chicken photos made him a little bit vocal. He has been very quiet and the medical team were a bit worried.

  12. Awww, poor Lavender. I'm sure Astrid will accept her eventually.

  13. Hopefully Astrid will soon accept Lavendar in to the flock. Keep us posted

  14. That is where the term 'hen pecked 'originated!I hope they call a truce soon,I am reading and learning!

  15. I'm Looking for Ausralorps and Araucanas, but its ben so difficult, not even the local stock feed suppliers could help! ARRRGGHHH!

  16. Thank you everyone! Things are slightly better but she is still very lonely poor girl :(

    Phoebe, try poultry auctions. They will always have loads of different chooks but be careful that you don't come home with a dozen more than planned LOL!

  17. aw good to hear that they're on their way to getting along. it breaks my heart when my little silkie gets pecked by the bigger girls - and she's been there from the start! I think they'd be really nasty to any newcomers :(



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