Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Finders Keepers

This post follows on from the one I posted yesterday...I was thinking and dreaming about it all night!

You may have guessed by now that aside from my passion for sustainable living, gardening and permaculture, I also love crafty arty design goodness.  The Finders Keepers is a design and art market for local Australian designers, 'dedicated in supporting emerging designers, artists & musicians and bringing new contemporary design to the forefront in Australia'. 

I saw lots of the folk that were at Magnolia Square today displaying their wares again today at Finders Keepers.  It's a great community of artists.  The stands all looked beautiful although I think there were less than there were at the last FK market.  The music was great and the paper installation reminded me of colourful snow or masses of cranes flying through a stormy sky.

Here are a few pics from the event:

I love this idea, using vintage children's book covers as covers for blank notebooks.  But I did find it slightly frustrating  that I would go to flick through the book but it was all blank pages  :)  I do love them though:

These magnetic book spines are fantastic too:

I love these stuffed felt creatures...especially the fox!

I adore these handmade creatures too
and these cute little felt rainclouds!

These prints are beautiful, I took the balloon one home with me.

I love the hungry little caterpillar lamp!

I was very tempted to buy this fox purse!  It is very contradictory that I love images of foxes although I am a keeper of chooks!  I did walk away with a fox dress...

I really love these prints below:

So many talented people, I've tried to source their names/websites but I didn't collect all their cards!

I'll let you know how my Ethical Consumption journey is going.  Let me know how yours is!  Stay tuned!  :)


  1. Wow! So many pretty things! What a fun way to pass the time-both the creating and the looking.

  2. I love me a craft/design market and this one looks great! I love the look of the upcycled furniture. Nice!

  3. Hi Mrs Bok, Thanks for visiting my blog!! I think this market looks fantastic, so many wonderful treasures. My favourite is "always tell the truth" poster. I loved it all, have a good week. Speak to you soon, Yollie

  4. Hello folks and bunny! :) Thank you for visiting me here! Wish I was better at crafting than I am...those artists were amazing - the time and effort they put into their wares really showed. Have a great week!

  5. I always enjoy your market trip. Wish I can tag along with you for real. You do know great market places. I have been planning to go to market but can't seem to get there on time as market here usually finish at noon. You are a supermom. I never can get my kids to get ready early so usually I have to miss out morning outing. Took a long time just to get everything settle and ready.

  6. I looove the Finders Keepers markets! I missed them the last time they were in Brisbane and am eagerly awaiting their return. Thanks for the sneak peak of what to expect for next time :)


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