Monday, March 21, 2011

The Bok Flock playing chasey with a pancake - and we have another layer!!

The Bok Flock have also been enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather, playing lots of games in the garden and making nuisances of themselves in general, something they congratulate themselves on I often think!

I caught Astrid checking over the strawberry patch - between her and Master Bok no wonder I never get a look in.

The chooks have been very funny in the apple pots too!

 Primrose is clearly telling Sophie to join her. 'Come on! Look what I've found! Astrid's been hogging it all to herself!' 

'Oh nooooooo can't believe they've worked it out, this is my secret spot!' - Astrid clearly not pleased...
 Astrid has shuffled off to the next pot hoping the wormwood will screen her from view of the other bok boks so that they don't follow her...'He he he they'll never find me now...'

 'Right that's it!  I'd better get into the next pot before the others get here'

 Oooo plenty of grubs in here, bottoms up!
 Grace belatedly wondering what all the fuss is about 'Where's everyone gone then?'

I went out to give the bok flock a pancake left over from breakfast...if you can see this video, it's the Bok Flock playing chicken chasey with it!  The Benny Hill theme tune comes to mind...

Keep a look out for Lavender too, she's become one of the flock and has really integrated well other than the first few days.  She is a tough chick and doesn't give up easily!  Cloud Zen is missing because she's a nanna and goes to bed very early.

Sophie has been laying an egg a day AND one of the others has also started laying - not sure who yet!  It was very eggciting to come home today to find two eggs in the actual nesting box! Sophie has been laying each day in the same plant pot that the silverbeet/passionfruit is in so I wonder if it was her that contributed an egg to the nesting box today, or if was two other girls??  May have to paint their bottoms to find out who the mystery layer(s?) is!  Shouldn't be long before the others come into lay as well now...although I did wonder if they'd begin before or after glad it's before winter.

Did Sophie lay one of these today...?  Her usual nesting spot, the plant pot, is empty of eggs...and I wonder who the other mystery layer is!

It's frustrating to be unable to eat these eggs for another week.  They were all on medicated pullet grower feed - you can't eat their eggs until they've been off the pullet grower feed.  So they've been off that and onto layer feed in the last week and a halfish so next weekend we'll be able to actually eat the eggs!  It's awful to have to throw them away  :(  All that hard work and no one gets to enjoy them!!  I don't tell the girls that of course I just thank them politely. It's funny how they run about boking loudly to let everyone know what a stellar job they did laying the egg  :)
Other news in the garden...golden podded peas, snowpeas and sugarsnap peas are starting to shoot!  Yummmmmmmm...

And I'm sprouting purple sprouting broccoli on the window sill - actually all my window sills are being used as seed sprouters at the moment  :)

What are you sprouting?


  1. I don't throw away eggs we can't eat. I hard boil them, mash them up including the shells and feed them back to the chooks with some layer mash as a high protein treat. As long as the shells no longer resemble egg shapes it won't encourage them to eat eggs.

  2. Thx greenfumb! :) I would have done so except the bird vet told me not to because of the medication in the egg...therefore making it the same as giving them medicated feed and thus longer before humans could consume the actual eggs. I can't wait to eat those eggs!! :)

  3. I've got little pots with chilli and tomato seedlings on my windowsill at the moment - they're making very slow progress but they'll get there :)


  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours and am now a follower. I have been wanting chickens for a while, but haven't taken the plunge - too many cats, other projects, etc. Yours seem like a real hoot!

  5. The video was great. That pancake must have been good. Our older ladies go to bed early too and the younger ones stay up until it's fully dark.

    Looks like you'll have a great crop of peas. Have you ever fed them to the girls? Ours go positively silly - sillier than usual.

  6. I never thought of that, I haven't had the grower problem, only when they've been wormed and you can't eat the eggs for 2 weeks.

  7. Your window sill looks like mine - I have tomatoes, lettuce, cosmos and capsicum currently - haven't put my broccoli in yet and the snow peas went straight in the ground last night.

  8. I liked your commentary of your gals in the apple trees. Funny things they are.
    I have capsicums sprouting EVERYWHERE, thanks to worm castings.

  9. Same here purple sprouting broccoli are sprouting and with other many brassicas for cool season.

  10. The girls are hilarious chasing around the garden!I hope you get to eat the eggs real soon.

  11. Its so wonderful that your girls are happy and respond to you. I hope mine will like me soon! I don't like stressing them so I am keeping contact to a minimum, only a couple of times a day, but I think I need to be with them more for them to get to know me! Have any tips?

    That would be so torturous not being able to eat the eggs!!!

  12. Thanks everyone! I do love my fluffy bottomed girls! :)
    Phoebe - I sit with them as much as possible so mainly on weekends just on a picnic blanket at their level. Chooks are very curious by nature and once they work out you bring food and won't hurt them, they'll come over to see what you're doing. Admittedly I do bribe them sometimes. Slow movements are best although that's hard with kids! My chooks don't mind a cuddle now.

  13. Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog. I just had to come and see your gals, and what a lovely flock you have! Mo

  14. Hi,I love your blog! Great girls you have. I too never have any left over eggs, my dogs and cat love them as treats. The garden gets the broken up shells, it's great for keeping the snails away (they don't like moving over them!!). Your girls look so happy and spoit. I too have a blog with all my girls there,have a great week :o)


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