Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tender green spears stand up to Zeus

Sitting here utterly drenched after standing out in the teeming rain, enduring a full blown lightning show whilst thunder booms overhead and the clouds roil cheerily in the heavy grey sky.  Normally I love thunderstorms, the thrill and the majesty of it all.  Not so much when standing in the rain.  Why in the rain?  Well, lightning hit the building at work of course so an evacuation was in order...where do we evacuate to?  Where else but the wide open green area!  Where the rain falls so heavily it's like a waterfall with tiny slats in it.  And in an evacuation there's no time to grab an umbrella.  I clutched this to me though as I climbed all those stairs down and out...

Luckily there are some creatures who love being out in the thunderstorm soaking up the rain and the energy in the air.  Yup.  Asparagus!  The best!  A colleague and friend of mine has an asparagus farm in the family...
and he brings in boxes of it to share with us  :)

Apparently they love thunderstorms.  This is the time they grow the most.  I can just see them stretching up and up into the swirling storm soaking up the electricity and growing big and juicy.

They are going to pull out some of their crowns...and guess who is going to get a few?  HOORAY!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Uncomfortable navel gazing

Despite being crazy busy at work and gearing up for school holidays, I've spent the last week in a great deal of contemplation.  Just thinking about how our every action impacts on the actions of those we've interacted with.  And just how far reaching those impacts can be.  Whether it's the choice of detergent we buy, where we shop, what we say when we are grumpy, how we deal with difficult colleagues, what we fail to acknowledge and appreciate in another person because we are in a hurry, what we say to our children when we've lost patience with their tantrum...although it is easy to show them how much you love them when they are being adorable!

Waking before the crack of dawn to be on a flight to Sydney for work and getting back late at night means lots of waiting-around-at-airport time.  I do this trip frequently and I usually use that down time to squeeze in yes more work...but lately I've been spending it navel gazing.  On my last work trip, I was sitting in the sunshine (why does it always seem to be warm and sunny in Sydney!!) having a coffee, about to head into a meeting - and I felt someone staring at me.  I looked up and it was someone I used to sort-of date a long looooooong time ago, I met him right about the same time I first met Mr Bok.  We exchanged pleasantries but it was a bit odd, I still feel terrible for hurting his feelings all those years ago and meeting him out of the blue again - I don't think he's forgotten it either.  Then later in the week I bumped into my first 'real' boyfriend when I was a teenager many moons ago - he broke my heart! and never fails to apologise for it when we run into each other so obviously how he behaved (appallingly!!) when he was a young one still bothers him.  I've long forgotten it.

It's a very uncomfortable feeling to know you've hurt another person.  I think that sometimes it's easier to forgive another person than to forgive yourself.  Sometimes.

Now usually the quiet thinking I do isn't all that quiet, it's railing against the unfairness of humanity, trying to make a difference to lessen the hot feeling inside I get when I think about it, being a UN volunteer means I do it because I feel strongly about the disadvantaged, the marginalised, the majority of the world who live their reality without basic human rights, those that just don't have the same opportunities that we do here in Australia.  Then there is Hazel's post which I had to stop reading because all of the points that make her cross make me cross too!

But the quiet thinking I do when I look back on all of the things I've said or done that I've regretted...I wonder about the people who say they live with absolutely no regret.

I've come across many articles discussing the Amnesia Drug Metyrapone lately, simplistically put, it can delete or block bad memories.  This must be fantastic for people who have lived through severe trauma and just can't move on with life or entertain any happiness because of it.  I've thought about how great it could be.  I wonder how many people would use it for things they had done that they regret?  Or if they would choose to used it to block out bad memories caused by someone else.  But having experienced many different sides of life, ultimately for me, I'm thankful that I have lived through so much and the bad memories that I used to polish all the time have taught me a lot about how to live my life today, how to be stronger and how to better treat others.

I think you are a pretty lucky human if you've lived a few decades and haven't experienced heartbreak or regret.  Or perhaps it's the other way around?

Hypatia (or Teapot as I've taken to calling her - not 
quite as noble but seems to suit her more!) tries 
to take slurps of my tea whenever she can. I was having a 
rare quiet moment on the lawn with my cuppa.  
When I looked up, Amelia and Florence were on my shoulders
and Teapot was drinking my tea.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mystery Layer Found at Cluckingham Palace, Maple Cottage

Look who I found laying her little white eggs  :)

It solves that mystery then!  I also found Hypatia laying her nice brown eggs  :)

 The quiet pleasure of hanging out with the chooks has helped alleviate some of the angst I'm currently experiencing with a gloating Irish husband after the rugby loss last night.  Sigh.

I've found our first artichoke!  Tremendously exciting but really, given the enormity of the leaves and scarcity of vegie growing space, I'm not sure that I'll grow them again!  I've also been finding that the leaves are hiding little baby snails...

We have had beautiful brekkies at the boathouse and also at the Collingwood Children's Farm this weekend, a favourite haunt.  I really really want to get some ducks but Mr Bok is yet to be convinced...

They can't be that messy can they?

Friday, September 9, 2011

For my anorak soulmate

Happy anniversary to my very wonderful husband - my anorak soul mate as we call each other.

We have had so much fun and so many adventures together over the years, the future with my best friend and the love of my life is rosy indeed.

Elephant Chew xoxo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our first almonds!

Hooray!  We have our first almonds!  Last year the almond tree blossomed but bore no fruit...but look what I found this evening!  YUM.  Gorgeous little furry almonds...

Our first almonds!  Hooray!

Hrmmmmmm one of the young hens is laying every day...I think it's Joan, the millefleur belgian d'uccle, apparently they lay tiny white eggs!

The last fruit trees to bloom in our garden...our apples!

The jungle-like greens patch!


Spaghetti squash sprouting...

Purple podded peas, so cute!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

An eggcellent mystery on an eggcellent day!


After a jaunty morning spent at Cafe Vue and the Heide grounds with the family in the absolutely stunning Spring sunshine...

We arrived home for me to find this in the coop.


The one on the left is the usual egg that Hypatia lays.  The teeny one on the right...well...I'm not sure!

Now I don't know about you, but I don't think little bubba chickens are supposed to lay eggs!  My girls are all definitely very young (about 12 weeks now!) - with the exception of who laid this teeny tiny egg today??
No other point of reference handy other than a bottle of nail polish!  (sorry)

There is some odd teensy tinsy egg laying business going around Melbourne lately.  I just opened my mail to find this post from VG!  She has a teensy tinsy egglet too!

I'm baffled.

Which one of you girls laid this teeny egg.  Unless it was you Hypatia, laying two on the same day??



A truly eggcellent mystery...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell old Brown Shoes

Farewell old 'Brown Shoes' as we call you as you used to sing out 'Broooown Shoooooes!'.

I'll miss you calling out to me 'Hey Bella!'   I'll miss sharing ice cream with you in the summer and coffee with you in the Winter...exchanging stories and admiring your spirit.  You came such a long way, you made me stop and think about my own life many times and you've inspired me to put aside my grumbles and focus on today.  You've had more courage than most people I've met. Takes a very special kind of courage to stand up, take responsibility for yourself and turn your life around like you did.  You also struggled with dependency, your determination taking you strides and bounds ahead, leaving drugs and alcohol clear behind you.  Yet you never spoke much of it, you only ever had a smile and a cheery word.  The people who supported you with their generosity and hope and belief in you - they inspire me also. 

Vale old Brown Shoes.  I will never forget you. 


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