Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our first almonds!

Hooray!  We have our first almonds!  Last year the almond tree blossomed but bore no fruit...but look what I found this evening!  YUM.  Gorgeous little furry almonds...

Our first almonds!  Hooray!

Hrmmmmmm one of the young hens is laying every day...I think it's Joan, the millefleur belgian d'uccle, apparently they lay tiny white eggs!

The last fruit trees to bloom in our garden...our apples!

The jungle-like greens patch!


Spaghetti squash sprouting...

Purple podded peas, so cute!


  1. Amazing! I somehow thought you lived in the UK but with those gorgeous almonds and apple tree blossom you must be south of the equator?

  2. Wow almonds - I would be excited too. I hadn't considered to do some research....

  3. Your garden looks lovely and healthy. You enjoy those almonds. We had a almond tree at our old house but the galah's used to beat us to them!

    Our fruit trees are full of blossom including the citrus. We have however discovered termites in our mandarin tree grr!

    We have a broody bantam today, so I popped 6 eggs under her. Fingers crossed for the next 21 days :)

  4. Go Mrs B! Almonds are such lovely trees! One day you will be enjoying fresh almond milk and nibbling on green almonds whilst kicking back by the chook pen!

  5. Hi Tanya! I'm in Melbourne - Australia! :) But I grew up in the UK...
    Hi Liz! I am loving my almond low maintenance, such gorgeous blossom and now nuts too! Hurrah!
    Hi Tania! Am wondering if we'll get the corellas attacking our tree! Plenty of them about. Our mandarins (all 3 of them!!) haven't set any fruit :( They are still young trees but no fruit larger than a fingernail! VERY exciting that you've got eggs to hatch! Fingers crossed for you!
    Hallo Phoebester! I cannot wait to try them...

  6. wow, it is very nice. I have never seen almond tree, didn't even know if almong grows in tree.
    thanks for sharing. Now i really want to have almond tree in my garden too.
    the leaf looks almost like citrus leaves.
    by the way, do you live in southern hemisphere or northen? just curious as your photos looks like either spring or summer.

  7. Hi Coco, I'm south! In Australia! It's just gone Spring here :)

  8. Spring, it's all starting to happen in the garden, wonderful.......

    Home grown almonds wonderful. Your chooks obviously haven't discovered the beautiful silverbeet. Mine would reduce it to stalks in to time flat.......

    Gorgeous girls, lovely colouring, so nice to be getting eggs regularly.

    Claire :}

  9. I love almonds and to be able to grow your own! They are grown here in the states in California, but I suppose Colorado is too cold in the winter for the trees. I am going to enjoy your spring photos as we move into fall.

  10. Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
    Hvor har du en smuk forside på din blog.
    Gode billeder.
    Tak for kigget.

  11. Almonds? How exciting! Nice to see the strawberries coming along too.


  12. OF COURSE I'LL KEEP VISITING THE BOK FLOCK!!!!!!!!! You inspire me with every post and I just love seeing your garden and your chooks change. The chooks here are Mr SJW's domain and I think he has 5 leghorns and a rooster in mind. It'll be interesting. Already we have news of a pony headed our way, so the temptation to post updates will be there for sure! It's almost like an extended break and we'll see what happens... just need all the spare time I can muster! Enjoy those almonds... gxoxoxoxo

  13. i see you are esplier your apples i would love to try this myself ..very nice

  14. How exciting! There's something magical those first almond pictures.

  15. Isn't it wonderful to see the gardens bursting into new life and growth? It's very exciting for us, our first vege garden this year! We go and look every day to see how things are going.


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