Friday, September 2, 2011

Farewell old Brown Shoes

Farewell old 'Brown Shoes' as we call you as you used to sing out 'Broooown Shoooooes!'.

I'll miss you calling out to me 'Hey Bella!'   I'll miss sharing ice cream with you in the summer and coffee with you in the Winter...exchanging stories and admiring your spirit.  You came such a long way, you made me stop and think about my own life many times and you've inspired me to put aside my grumbles and focus on today.  You've had more courage than most people I've met. Takes a very special kind of courage to stand up, take responsibility for yourself and turn your life around like you did.  You also struggled with dependency, your determination taking you strides and bounds ahead, leaving drugs and alcohol clear behind you.  Yet you never spoke much of it, you only ever had a smile and a cheery word.  The people who supported you with their generosity and hope and belief in you - they inspire me also. 

Vale old Brown Shoes.  I will never forget you. 


  1. Very touching, and sounds like a very sad loss for Melbourne...

  2. Bless you Mrs Bok! People like old Brown Shoes rarely know how much they've touched the world, so it's wonderful when there's some public recognition for them and that he'll be missed. He sure sounds like a character, with lots of courage!
    Lovin hugs to you too
    Greenie x

  3. Makes me wish I had known him. Beautiful tribute.

  4. Just read about this guy in the paper and all of a sudden I realised, Neill Martin was your Brown Shoes. Your tribute to him summed up how he was viewed by the the atricle writer. He must have been an inspiration.


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