Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paris in the rain doesn't lose her sparkle

So we've had a bit of rain in Paris!  But it's not dampening our spirits and Paris in the rain is really very gorgeous.  I'm a bit sad this afternoon - have had a few friends come from London to visit us and they left this afternoon. I'll really miss them so much, it's hard to have friends who live all over the world, hopefully they'll be home in Melbourne for Christmas. I'm grateful I got the chance to spend a weekend with them here in Paris.

The moon is lovely and full.  As we were passing under it on the plane, I couldn't help thinking that I should be planting more garlic or more anything!  Wasting the full moon! Love sitting quietly on the balcony at night and watching clouds move across it.  Doesn't get dark until 10pm here at the moment.

I really love the buildings here in Paris.  They are so elegant and really divine.  This is our apartment here below.  The blue door is our door and the balcony second row from the top is us!  I love living in a neighbourhood where Parisians live, work, eat, it is lovely walking around and seeing people having a chat together and just going about their day to day.  The pianist downstairs never stops practising.  His neighbour is renovating.  I like bumping into these folk on the stair well or in the tiny lift.  They are friendly.
Our door is ours
The local gendarme go to the same boulangerie as we do - have been seeing them there each morning collecting a croque monsieur and a cafe creme!  
Up above the shops on the local street - hello!

 Not much vegetarian food to be had so far but the bistros are so delish!

Had to take a photo of the local chemist. Even that is so gorgeous!
What we have for brekkie...
Heehee and this is my brekkie. Yup if I don't return home twice my size it'll have been a wasted opportunity!

More delicious stores in our neighbourhood

The eiffel tower is about a 5 minute walk from the apartment.  What strikes me about it is it's enormity, I hadn't imagined it would be so large.  Master Bok (2) however looked at it appraisingly and dismissed it as a 'Big A'.  Waited for it to 'turn on' last night and felt a ridiculously childish delight in seeing it being lit up slowly until it sparkled in the dusk.


Master Bok is currently playing with his new cars.  He hyperventilated to see the Cars section in the Disney store!  We hadn't meant to go shopping, but needed to collect tickets for the Louvre from Fnac and this was right there nearby on Champs Elysee so we went in and walked out with cars and tickets to EuroDisney  :)  I love Annick Goutal fragrance and the store is so pretty.
Love the way the chairs at bistros all face the street for people watching.

The Louvre is amazing, would have loved to have spent more time there but with children, about 2 hours is enough!

Even ducks enjoy the grounds of the Louvre!

Miss Bok (6) cracked up laughing over this painting and is still giggling about it...

Locks for love on the Pont des Arts...we are adding our own

Alecia, we found a space invader tile!

Love the green wall at the Musee de quai D'Orsay

'Ou est l'ecole Militaire?' The gentleman just pointed across the road where obviously military exercises were taking place!  Felt like a right fool.

We attended Sunday mass at Sacre Coeur this morning.  What an amazing place.

There was also a bike competition going on just outside, they have built ramps all the way down from Sacre Coeur to the street and bikes were jumping and speeding down the pathways.

Montmatre is a fabulous little neighbourhood, we'll have to return to spend more time here.

News from back home - hens are still laying! Not all of them as they are laying 2 eggs a day between the 5 of them. Unless of course they are hiding their eggs again...


  1. woo hoo good spotting! 5 points :)

    i love your photos - are you using an app for the retro style ones? I use instagram sometimes but I prefer how your pics are still rectangular.

  2. I feel like I am travelling with you. Miss Bok is so much cuter than the angel statue. I salute your energy going to so many places with 2 children.

  3. Hi Alecia! I use CrossProcess for those photos :)
    Hi Diana! You are so sweet :) The children have been really good, I'm shocked actually by their goo behaviour! Perhaps it's the promise of yummy treats around every corner :)

  4. Glad you are soaking up the athmosphere of Paris! The Louvre & museums used to be free on a Sunday?!
    Peggy organicgrowingpains

  5. Ohhh thank you for taking us on your trip through Paris! So many memories of our Paris trip came flooding back. The streets, the buildings, the macarons and pretty pastel coloured sweets. And the Louvre which we did in about an afternoon because we wanted (ok I wanted) to eat more pastries! :P

  6. Oh wow, you have packed in so much!

  7. oh it looks like you're having a wonderful time! Ah! Macaroons!
    And the painting that made your daughter laugh? My friends have a print of it in their bathroom and always have a wee giggle when I see it!

  8. It is all just so perfect!! Those cakes look divine and I love the idea of eclairs for brekkie!!

  9. You lucky ducks! Looks like you and the fam are having a fantastic time! What a gorgeous city to explore, great sights and even yummier food to eat...hehe! I am so glad you shared your pic's, feels like I was along for the ride...cheers Julia

  10. Wow, you didn't let the rain slow you down. I love your photos. You and your family will have such great memories.

  11. I am so loving this! I got a second cup of tea this morning (Creme Brulee black tea, so fitting!) to come & read your post and gaze at your photos... just wonderful! I loved visiting Paris, but that was a good 10 years ago now. You guys are having an incredible time, thank you for sharing...

  12. Ah Paris. You must be having a marvelous holiday. Such good photos so far.

  13. You've just given me a mini holiday on my lunch break - very much appreciated :) Your photos are fantastic and Paris takes the breath away. Miss Bok's reaction to The Painting also made me giggle!

  14. What a wonderful time you're all having. I'm so envious - everything looks so amazing, and your apartment alone makes me want to pack my bags!

  15. Your photos take me back to the time I spent in Paris, looks like you all having a great time.

  16. Oh I'm loving these posts - thank you for taking us all on holidays with you! :) Paris looks gorgeous whatever the weather! And I'm with Miss Bok, I had a good giggle at the painting too..hehe

  17. What a fabulous vacation you are having! I'll have to enjoy Paris vicariously through your photos, as I've never been there! I'm giggling over that painting myself, and those desserts are calling out to me!


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