Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi everyone.

I's been a while since I've posted here!  Seem to have lost my blogging mojo...the possums and chooks have been eating everything in my garden so there isn't much for me to tell you!

I would however like to introduce little Ru (or so the kids call him-for now - his name changes daily!!) a little Siberian Forest Cat kitten.  Any name suggestions?

The girls have had their monthly dusting of diatomaceous earth and I know I've got to clean out the deep litter but honestly I don't have the energy!  It's been far too cold and wet!

They're using the feeder happily now.
But they are in the bad books.  They've completely destroyed two of my vegie beds...and again I haven't the energy to do anything about it so I'm just letting it be for now!

Chook ravaged beds

The rest of the garden is very neglected but still being productive most surprisingly!


Plucked a few of those lemon sherbet babaco even though they never did turn yellow...does anyone grow it down here in Vic?  Perhaps it's too cold here for them ever to ripen properly?  They did taste reminiscently of lemon sherbet but I'm sure they aren't ripe.  And I have no idea what to do with the tree now, knowing I'm supposed to cut it or some such fancy thing?


Finally pulled out the trombocino zucchin!   Was still going strong but I was sick of looking at it and eating it.

Hope you are all tucked up cosy inside wherever you are...


  1. i am the opposite i rug up and get out there and get as much as i can cause it won't be long and the hot summer will be back again

  2. Good to see a blog from you again. The new kitty is gorgeous.

  3. Hello Mrs Bok, Great to hear from you again. Little Ru is adorable, and that's coming from a doggy person :)
    Oh those naughty chookies, but I suppose they'll eat what they can. I hope they're laying for you in exchange for garden ravaging?

  4. Glad to hear from you Mrs B! Your new family addition is adorable!!! I'm crap with names - Ru sounds just fine!

    I'm feeling the same with the garden. Things grow so slowly and when critters get to things, it totally sucks out the love.

    Have you got any garlic in?

  5. I know what you mean by being to cold and wet. You newest family member is very cute.

  6. Hi Mrs Bok, so nice to hear from you again! I love your new addition and her name :-D Your veggies are so impressive especially for this time of year. That babaco is very unusual - it looks like a zucchini type thing but is it a fruit? I feel your pain with the chooks demolishing the veggie patches. We have finally put a fence around our patch to keep them out but it doesn't stop them making a mess scratching pine bark off the other garden beds onto the stairs and paths which means lots of sweeping. Just as well they are so delightful :-D Take care! Mel x

  7. Well, hello Mrs. Bok. So glad to hear from you. Naughty chooks. We don't let our free range because of hawks and fox--you know about fox. While you have a nicely contained yard, we are on five acres, so the ladies have to be content in their pen. You have such odd vegetables Down Under. Very curious and I am guessing good tasting. Little Roo is just so cute. Does he get along with Tam Tam? While you are settling in for a long, cold winter, we are in sweltering heat, though this morning it is cool. Enjoyed you update; hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Your blog always makes me smile :) Ru is adorable!! It's probably best I don't suggest cat names, based on the names I've given to our own cats!

  9. Hello! It's soooooo lovely to get a welcome back like this! :) Went to head outside into the yard to devise a way to hem the hens in but hastily retreated as it is freezing foggy and wet out there! I'm not a winter fan! If you've got nice cosy favourite recipes for stews and things send them my way please!!

  10. Aw what a cute little kitten. I've been told my pet name suggestions are always silly so I won't give it a go. Am about to look up diatomaceous earth for my chooks. I've never dusted them with anything until this week when I discovered a major red mite infestation. Eeew.

  11. That really is a cute kitten. We are sweltering with heat at the moment and the garden is prolific. Your chooks really have been naughty!

  12. Your kitten is gorgeous, less blogging just means more living. :) Take Care.

    1. Hi me again just to say thankyou for calling by and leaving your kind comment. Until you are able to return to Italy one day, I hope you will continue to enjoy sharing virtually our little piece. :)

  13. Hi Mrs. Bok! It's so nice to see you back. I'm sorry that you've been tired. You'll revive.
    I think your darling kitty should be named Mr. Frisby. He's very photogenic!

  14. I'm like you - not a fan of Winter. It's been cold and rainy here every weekend and then fines up when I have to go to work. Little Ru is so sweet. I think that a good name for him.
    Glad the chicken finally got the hang of the feeder too. They can be stupid sometimes.

  15. I'm with the kids, I like Little Ru for a name, we have a visiting cat that we call Little Black (yes, she's black!). Not very clever but it works, we all know who we are talking about!

    Naughty chookies! I like winter, and cuddling in front of the fire, and frost and broccoli and beany stews.

  16. Congratulations!! Little "Rue" is gorgeous.... I think the name suits him :) Loving all the pics and glad the feeder is a hit now xx take care, Yollie

  17. Nice to hear from you Mrs Bok! We have the same problem with names, eventually (after 3 or so weeks) I put my foot down and it is the most recent name. Our kids just can't decide...

  18. Oh dear I guess the chooks are doing what comes naturally eh! Digging things up. Hopefully they're still giving you eggs in return :D)
    I like how gardens, even though they're - as you say - neglected, they still keep going. Yours looks good for this time of year!
    Here's hoping you get some sunny days in between the bad weather.

  19. Hey Mrs Bok. Don't know if you do awards but I've recommended you in my post yesterday. By the way thanks for your mite recommendations. I think I'm getting things under control.

  20. Oh that pussy cat is so dreamy, what a sweetheart.
    When we went away recently, the puppy was put in the kennels & the chickens left to free range the entire garden for the week. Thrilled to come home to find they still had water (i had estimated correctly) & they ate every single weed in the whole place, plus put themselves in the coop at night, even though the door was left open 24/7 they were safe & sound. They are hanging in there with the cold & laying eggs too, not all of them, but some we inherited are up to 6 years old. Our chicks & ducklings are going great guns, so confident & blissfully unaware of a pecking order, they are all so friendly. Love Posie

  21. I am happy I found your blog. And I have to say that Ru is lovely. I don't know if I can suggest a name, because I am thinking in Spanish names...but the next cat that comes to my life will be called Rumba or Rumbo. Or Cafe. If it can helps you, I have four cats, named Greka, Lúa, Rita & Bambi.
    Have a nice day =) !

  22. We are trying to keep warm although some days, it feels like you cannot get warm no matter how hard you try! :D What a beautiful little kitten! It reminds me of my first cat :)


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