Friday, July 13, 2012

Bok Flock get squished in

So you've all heard me complaining about the damage the chooks are doing to the yard, the vegie beds, the lawn, the deck!!  So we have found them a new spot in the yard.  We will slowly get to fox proofing it, until then we will still keep locking them in at dusk each night.  Here they are, pottering about where their old hen house used to be, wondering where on earth it's gone and helping to spread out their chook poo and rice hulls.  This will be the perfect spot (if a little shady) for a vegie bed.  On top of all that chook gold.

More pics of their new abode in the next post.

Meanwhile here is Little Ru!

And a Buddha's Hand citrus.  Isn't it amazing?


  1. Looking forward to seeing pics of their new abode! And little Ru is adorable!

  2. I'd love to see the progress pics too :)


  3. I've missed you! Your hens are beautiful! That kitty is darling, too! You're going to have a wonderful garden growing when we have snow, so I'm looking forward to THAT! Take care!

  4. I love your chooks, Little Ru is so cute ( I am fond of all things red headed) and the the buddha's hand astonishing.They ARE amazing citrus indeed.

  5. that list photo is fascinating, I do not think I have ever seen one before!

  6. The hens look like queens of the roost--fat, happy. Our local foxes have been busy trying to get in the coop, but haven't had any luck with mesh wire buried a foot deep around the the chain link former dog run. Little Ru is so cute. What about bunny Tim Tam? And I have never seen a Buddha's Hand. What will you do with it? So glad to see that you posted today.

  7. Ahhh, our chooks do the same, especially in our vegie patch. We have also made a new area of the yard just for them. Wowee, look at the buddha's hand.

  8. I have been wondering how you have all been doing. Those chookies sound like they are trying to rule the roost!
    What a beautiful photo of little Ru!

  9. I never new chooks were so destructive , your kitten is very cute.


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