Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bonnie & Clyde - The Runaway Chooks

Some people think I'm a bit odd.

But honestly, it's circumstance mostly...

We returned from a day at the beach late yesterday...


And as we pulled into the driveway, Betty, the lovely old lady who lives next door came running over.
'Have you got 2 brownish hens?' she asked and I nodded mutely as she hurried me up the street to Mavis and Frank's house (another old couple who live a few doors up).  'Mavis found them in her garden!'

Oh dear.  I hurried along to retrieve my two hens who must have gotten loose.  But as I entered Mavis and Frank's garden, I realised the hens who were happily mucking in at the end of their garden were not any hens I knew.  But me being there and with Mavis and Frank panicking, I rescued the hens and them by attempting to catch the chickens.  I asked Frank for a bit of bread to tempt them with but he kept telling me 'Hens don't eat bread!  Mavis, did the young lady say bread?  Bread what do you want that for?' I set about catching the chooks.  I then asked Frank for a box but all he had was an old supermarket basket, so with much muttering I took the two hens anyway, one huge hen under each arm and toddled back up the street to my place, hens each squawking indignantly the whole way.

Have I mentioned that it was a gorgeous evening and most of the neighbourhood was out and about?

As I got to my place, a visitor was at our door with a bowl of macaroons.  I had no hands free so long story short, I ended up with a bowl of macaroons in my mouth and a big fat hen still stuck under each arm, ringing my own doorbell with my feet.  Of course by now a curious crew had gathered to peer at their odd neighbour and as every neighbour casually walked past our house calling out a cheery hello, I could only waggle a toe in reply.

'I've always known you were a mad woman' said Mr Bok.


Anyway I've called the two runaway hens Bonnie and Clyde, they are currently living in my yard until someone comes to claim them.  I've down a doorknock but no one knows where they've come from.

As for my girls, they don't seem much bothered really.  I still haven't named them.  As I've already named the lost chooks I guess I'd better think about naming our own and maybe bonding.  I'm still scarred from our last experience though.  I hope someone comes to claim Bonnie & Clyde soon as our yard isn't big enough for 5 full grown chooks.  I've always had 5 in the past but never of this size!


HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!  Wishing you a very blessed and joyful 2012 filled with adventure, laughter, growing happy things  and love


  1. What a great picture you paint of your chook wrangling adventure. Wish I had a neighbor like you.
    Happy new year to you, I hope 2012 is a great one x

  2. Time to name them then. You've got a B&C, how about an A, D and E to go with?

  3. I love you Mrs Bok! I hope 2012 brings you joy, happiness and a lack of foxes!

  4. Oh no. Such a funny scene with your hand so full of chooks! Happy New Year and I second that comment about a fox-free 2012. xx

  5. Oh, Mrs. Bok! That's very funny! You are a fine hen rescuer, I see!
    Happy New Year!
    Thank you the beach photos. I miss the water!

  6. Go, go, go, Bonnie and Clyde! Too funny. The little runaways. Hope they, and you, have a fabulous New Year!

  7. Just a suggestion but I think Mrs. Bok's Chook Rescue is born. I'm afraid I'm the crazy neighbor too, but it gives me the chance to have fun and make everyone smile.

  8. Great story and great names.
    We have names for all of our chickens
    and I decided from the start that we would keep them as pets for their fellowship and eggs.
    Still, our close friends asked just yesterday WHEN we were going to eat them!
    My neighbor doesn't name his....I won't tell you why.

    You have some great looking chickens.
    Come visit my garden/chicken blog sometime.
    I'd love to have you stop by and see the chickens.
    David/Tropical Texana/:0)

  9. The dark one looks like my Lizzie.

    If no one turns up, just keep them. I have 6 chooks in my suburban backyard and the 4 or 5 eggs I get every day certainly come in handy!

  10. I do hope that the chicken on her side in that photo on the left is upturned statuary :)
    Happy New Year from Terry at!

  11. Would have loved to be walking along your stree yesterday, sound like fun. Happy new year to all of you.

  12. What a laugh you crazy chook lady you! Seems like you were destined to have some new girls come your way. Can't you just keep them all? melx

  13. Oh dear!

    It's OK to let yourself bond, and name them... I like ADoC's suggestion! A = Amelia, D = Delilah & E = Evangelina

    Happy new year to you & all your flock!

  14. My first read of your blog and it's about chooks. I love it! Your newest follower x

  15. Mrs Bok, I've missed your chook shenanigans! Someone once said to me "you dont choose your pets, they choose you" so maybe it's a sign you have to keep them :-) you know you could always move to Tassie-no foxes there! Here's to a happy and healthy 2012 xx

  16. What an image;-). A really nice present to wrap up the 2011 year. I think I should ask around if anyone miss a bunny when the weather has cool down a bit. Happy New Year.

  17. Who thinks your odd??? What a way to start the New Year hope its a great one for the Bok family!

  18. Perhaps they're just some good chicken karma coming your way at last? Hope so :)

  19. What a wonderful gift for the new year! ...even if you only have them for a short while.

  20. ROFL! What a great story! Really, the friend with the macarons couldn't have rung the doorbell for you? :) You are a very good neighbour to rescue those chickens!

    Have a wonderful 2012!

  21. If I'd seen this post a few days ago I might have wondered if you were my neighbour!!

    We had an escapee chook last week (we are missing fences at the moment after some flood damage) - she was found by a lady a few doors up when her daughter came in and said "mum, do we have 6 chooks? Because I just put 7 away in the pen!". Seems Miss Daisy (drives me crazy) had hung out around the other chook pen for 4 days while the neighbours were away. She was so lucky - we've lost some of our girls to foxes before so they are around.

    Sorry to hear you lost your flock - your new girls look very striking!

  22. Nothing to do with chooks, but... Thanks for "pinning" my blog on I've had quite a few more visitors recently!

  23. That chicken story is so funny! Hope you are enjoying the holidays and that the chooks haven't destroyed your backyard yet.



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