Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hey guys...I'm not posting as much as I'd like to mainly because of this...

And this...
Which naturally leads to this...

Meanwhile my old attitude on exercise 

has turned into   this   in desperation to get my mind off work, night work and just life:

So if you'd like to sponsor my run look out for the page that I'll post soon.  I'll be running for Oxfam.

So yup working 18 hour days hasn't been fun but I'm surviving ... just.  I've taken up boxing and running where I can squeeze a moment in, I find it the only way to completely empty my mind.


Tim Tam has a fondness for the vacuum cleaner. I was hoovering up his fur (he's moulting heaps at the moment) and he stuck his nose into the nozzle.  He liked it so much I've been vacuuming him directly and he hops around the house after the vacuum now.  He must enjoy the sensation funny bunny.


The garden is very brown and crispy from the heat and lack of water but we have had a huge harvest this year so I'm ready to wind the summer garden down now.




Even though I'm not posting much I'm still reading your posts when I get the chance.  Hugs - I miss you.


  1. We have missed you, too, Mrs. Bok. I was just wondering about you. Too bad that our jobs get in our way. Tim Tam just has the best life, doesn't he? While your garden wanes, we are anxious to get started, though we are weeks way. Peas go in St. Pat's Day. Hang in there, kido.

  2. How hilarious that your bunny loves a vacuum - I would have thought it would be scared of the noise. Poor you having to work so hard. Exercise is good though.

  3. Missed this lovely space, agree with all of the above captions. Sometimes life gets busy and its good to take a mini break.

    Awww, Tim tam is gorgeous. We used to vac our budgies cage around the bottom until one day we accidently sucked up our poor 'lil budgie. Eeeek!

    Love the garden pics.

  4. I can relate to work getting in the way of life too (and collapsing with a wine at the end of the day). Hope you can get a spell from it soon. Tim Tam is amazing. Missy isn't theat brave. She's terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

    By the way, I have confered on you a Leibster Blog Award, because your blog really is one of my favourites. Have a look on my blog when you have time :-)

  5. Great harvests.Our harvests have been down this season with cool, wet weather the culprit.
    18 hour days aargh, I hope you can have a break soon.

  6. I hope you get some down tim soon Mrs Bok...your bunny certainly is funny liking the vacumn cleaner...

  7. Hope you get a break soon. Your garden is looking good.

  8. So good to have an activity that help clear the mind, sounds like life is veeery hectic at the moment.

    Hope you get a chance to breathe and smell the roses while they are still blooming.....

    Tim Tam is such a cutie, I 'm surprised the vac doesn't bother him too.
    When y sister lived on a farm a few years ago she had to look after twin lambs after they lost their mum. She called them Tim and Tam, they were very cute.

    Our garden hasn't been nearly as productive this year unfortunately. The humid weather has caused havoc, but the
    tomatoes have been producing nicely.

    Claire :}

  9. You are missed too missus!

    The garden looks great.

  10. Good to hear from you...bad to hear that you are working so hard...good to hear you are doing something for yourself. Look after yourself and take care!

  11. OMG! A half-marathon! Great work Mrs Bok! I have to do something too (an almost daily lament) but its cycling and walking for me. Im not blogging much either - but reading you all avidly. Miss you too Mrs Bok Greenie x

  12. good luck and yes he is a funny bunny!

  13. I often think that work interferes with my life. lol Good luck and Tim Tam sounds like such a sweetie. Wish my dogs liked the vacuum....

  14. Thanks everyone, it is so heartwarming to have you welcome me back!

    Big huge kisses xoxoxoxoxo

  15. ps Greenie Canberra - what's your blog address?

  16. Welcome back Mrs Bok, and gosh, a half-marathon. I am impressed!

  17. We have missed you too! My goodness Tim Tam is cuteness personified!

  18. Crazy crazy bunny! Had been missing you, isn't it annoying when the real life part gets in the way of the blog? melx

  19. Glad to see you back again, and good luck for the run!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  20. Tam Tam is the best. I hope your running is going well. I used to run...

  21. Love the crazy bunny. Best wishes for your run. That is a great harvest too, an interesting mix of vegies there! All the best and cheers, Susan xx :D)


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