Saturday, February 18, 2012

the late summer garden

It's late Summer in Melbourne.

Those hot arid days where the unrelenting sunlight dessicates any living thing in the garden still appear but we are getting a few cooler days of low 20's (thank goodness).  The garden has gone brown and the grass is still crispy underfoot.  We've pulled out most things now but a few remain valiantly and determinedly pushing out new growth.


Pulled out the kiwi fruit that was never really happy in this spot and I've planted a native gem lime instead.
The grass in the pot is lemongrass that has gone brown and resurrected many times...

The peppers, chilies, zucchini and herbs are still prolific but the rest have gone to vegie heaven

The chillies are thriving 
Have you seen white flowering thyme?  I love thyme in all its varieties but the white flowering is constantly covered in petals and is so pretty


Pulled out the cardamom - after nearly 2 years they never did flower let alone set pods so I decided it was time for them to go...

Valentines was lovely - I got the perfect gift, a speedball - not very romantic granted but I'm loving boxing at the moment

The yacon has been pulled up too to make way for a compost bin

The girls are getting bigger every day but no eggs yet. They are a funny old little flock of 3, they have a habit of sitting quietly together at dusk peering out across the lawn together.


I've been enjoying artisan bread, canoli and bombalone from Baker D Chirico in Carlton.
I'm looking forward to cooler days, chunky jumpers, cosy boots and lots of baked goodies!

What are things like in your part of the world?


  1. Hey Mrs Bok, been having some slightly warmer days here, although a cloud burst over head yesterday dumbed 14mls in as many minutes, so no watering for a couple of days....

    Haven't really had much summer as such and the vegies haven't been as prolific as other years, still we are getting enough veg for our little family.
    Your girls look lovely, they're very pretty......

    Love the idea of jumpers and boots, might have to pass on the baked goods, darn it all......

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. Hi Claire my garden needs more rain! I need less gluten but I loooove baked treats.

    Jem I think Master Bok has an American kindy teacher!

  3. Good morning Mrs. Bok. It is 26 F here--a freezing 26. We have a dusting of snow and a heavy cloud cover. If we are lucky at all, the sun will burn through and it will be a lovely day. Our garden is weeks, if not months, away from waking up. We planted daffodils last fall and some of the new bulbs don't seem to know the routine around here for they are peeking through the soil, surely to get their little tops frozen. I can't wait to see them in full bloom. Your little hens look happy and health. Did the fox catcher ever catch the fox? We hope so. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hello Mrs. Bok!
    Well, we have icebergs in the garden but the sun IS shining! It's planting indoors for me!

  5. Our garden has also gone to god as we have had so much rain. I will have to get my self out into the garden and start working.

  6. I wish we could have more sunshine! In Sydney we've had so much rain that it's the entire garden is a soup. Nice to know stuff is growing elsewhere in Oz.. :)

  7. Gorgeous Mrs Bok, I love your practical approach - if things don't thrive, off they go and try an alternative. It is a good lesson for us all! It has been so cool here, that my summer veges haven't taken off at all.

  8. We are waiting for 2 inches of snow this evening. Fire in the wood stove and dreaming of spring.

  9. Your garden looks like a beautiful place to spend an afternoon! :D

  10. I think my garden is a good month behind yours. Early in the season I felt very inferior, reading your blog about all the produce you were getting. Now my garden has hit its straps and is overflowing with produce. Don't forget the Autumn Flush. There is time to plant a few things and get them growing as the season changes.

  11. Cold Missus.

    Love the chicken 'street scenes'. :-D

  12. Your not alone Mrs Bok,lack of rain and the last 2 weeks of hot weather has seen most of my veggies wither away.Bit the Bullet today and pulled everything out just a couple of cherry tomatoes,potatoes,basil,parsley and a few beans left.Great to see your little flock happy and content.

  13. A lovely selection of life photos. Apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!

  14. It looks perfect in your bit of the world, much less frantic than my bit! Happy week! X

  15. Its been a strange Winter in the Northeast US. Little to no snow. It snowed hard today for about an hour but it was 37 F so it didn't stick. I really want to get out into the garden, but I know I shouldn't so I don't. Love the chocks. I hope they lay soon.

  16. Your Girls and Garden are both looking stunning!!! Sorry have not commented for a while, I've still been reading your posts, and enjoying my window into your magnificent world ... we have had a few sad days on our end, so now that I am finally moving forward, thought I would pop by and say Hi :O) Take care, the human, Yollie xxx

  17. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain up here on the "Sunshine" Coast. LOL!


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