Thursday, September 27, 2012

HOORAY FOR SPRING! And some news.


One warm day in Melbourne and I fully expect Summer.  Pity tomorrow's forecast is rain and freezing cold temperatures again.  Still one can HOPE!  Since returning from Spain I've been cocooned in woolies and swathed in blankets.  Feels so cold after all that heat.

Now then...I'm starting a blog over here at Little Kar Star for everything non-garden in my life.  I've realised this blog has meandered this way that way and over the hillside but I'm bringing it firmly back to gardening.  I lost my blogging and gardening mojo but I'm renewed!  The hens are hemmed in so no more pillaging through my garden and I'm encouraged by the sunshine.  Please come visit me over at my new abode too!

The apples finally decided to bloom a tiny little bit - lagging way behind the almond, plum, cherry and nectarines.

Look what sprung up whilst we were away...rogue broadbeans!  I'm not complaining  :)

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine too wherever you are!


  1. Ohh cant wait to see your chicken run! Gotta love rouge broad beans too!

  2. Yay for spring (which means its autumn here, yikes!). Glad to hear your mojo is back :)

  3. Hi Mrs Bok, good to see you again. Your apples are further along than mine and I look like having no blossom at all! Not happy about that. Your beans look fab, again mine are very slow. Have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Great to hear your gardening and blogging mojo is back!

  5. My broad beans are like triffids.............

  6. Welcome Back!
    Yeah its started raining.
    Its a long weekend too.
    Have a nice long weekend dear.
    You can get the angled bean from 'The Eden Seeds'. They have lots of Asian veggie seeds.

  7. The sun is out today but we have the wind with it, good luck on your new blog.

  8. Hooray for fall. I will enjoy your warm summer photos as we sink deeper and deeper into winter, although we are hoping for plenty of snow to break the drought. Your family's holiday was wonderful.

  9. At least you have summer to look forward to. :)

  10. Can't wait to read more on your new chicken run! Glad you've gotten back into gardening. Hope your broad beans grow well!


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