Saturday, September 15, 2012

The flock cross the pond...

Hi guys!

I've been missing...and missing your blogs...because I'm in Andalucia!  I've also been in the Arabian desert and in Malaysia.

Absolutely gorgeous places I've seen.

Four angle beans!  I've never seen these. Anyone grow them??

Malaysian hawker stalls...YUM YUM YUM !!!!

Four angle beans again and okra and snake beans...all things I must grow this year!

Catching the Vuelta (tour de Spain) ending in Madrid

View from our apartment in Madrid overlooking Santa Ana plaza

Segovia - I have been wanting to visit this city since I was 12 yrs old.  Amazing place.

Then a drive to Granada...

View from our hotel in the Albaycin area

The Alhambra - no words to describe how amazing it is

Guess our leaky roof will have to wait...the travel bug must be satisfied!  Our last trip feels like so long ago...I hope our girls are ok a home, the house sitter says they are laying every day and seem happy but I'm SURE they are missing us madly.  Our cat is with a friend who is a vet so I'm sure he's fine too!


  1. such beautiful places, I could dive into those first few photos.

  2. It all looks amazing!!! I look forward to seeing more x

  3. All that lovely food just waiting to be eaten! Enjoy...

  4. Have a great time looks like fantastic places you have been to so far.

  5. wow...what a fabulous trip!!! continue to have fun!

  6. Que blog lindo. Amei todas as paisagens.


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