Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 20 Jan 2011 Emancipation of The Bok Flock

When we came home today I found Astrid pecking nonchalantly in the middle of the lawn!!!!  When I went outside to see how she had  escaped the chook pen, she walked casually up to the chicken wire, pushed the post aside and squeezed herself through it to rejoin the Bok Flock.

I decided at that point that it was time to set the Bok Flock free!  So I removed the chicken wire (slowly a bit at a time).

They were very tentative at first and haven't roamed far from the chook pen at all.  Astrid is definitely leading the way.  Hilda (pekin) surprisingly was close behind her, keen on getting to all that luscious green grass.  Cloud  Zen has yet to find her way to the grass...

I am very happy to report that they have found their way home and put themselves to bed at 7.30pm, well before sundown! 

One thing us very annoying though...the fly pest issue!!  A hot sunny day like today and the dratted pests appear.  Argh...

Astrid, Bok Choy, Hilda

Sophie, Hilda, Astrid


Cloud Zen

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