Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Eyed Bok Choy

Had a good 3 minutes of solid panic last night!
Picked up Bok Choy (bantam buff / grey silkie) and was giving her a cuddle, then went to examine her closely.  Silkies always seem to get things stuck in their 'fluff' and I was looking at her pom pom trying to pick out some dried mango.

I then tried to find her eyes because she was uninterested in the corn cob I had in my lap and I assumed it was because she couldn't see it.  I looked...and looked...and looked...NO EYES!!      I panicked that she was born with a birth defect, no eyes, then thought perhaps that is why she is always so placid and hardly goes for the yummy 'extras'.  All sorts of thoughts ran through my head, did I need to separate her so that she gets enough food rather than flock leftovers, should I return her to the hatchery that I got her from which would no doubt not keep her (evil though!!) and then how would I care for a blind chicken?!   THEN I caught sight of her looking curiously up at me...WITH HER EYES!  THROUGH her pom pom.  Didn't realise her eyes were inside all that fluff - same colour fluff as her eyes!  Was looking beneath her pom pom for eyes instead (Cloud Zen has eyes beneath her white pom pom).


I was so relieved.

What we picked for dinner tonight.  Our first cucumber!  Also roasted some beautiful asparagus from a colleague's farm, was too busy eating it all quickly (was  so yummy!!) to think of taking pics!  Will do so next time (hopefully he brings more in!)

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