Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 - The Snail Surprise

Happy Australia Day!!!!

Today I found a snail and gave it to my little Bok flock as a treat - or so I thought...
Astrid the boss ran up to investigate but as soon as the snail poked its head out from its shell and waved its feelers at her, she pulled the most disgusted expression I've seen on a chook and ran away!!

The others came over for a look but with much the same reaction, absolute disgust. 

Astrid and Primrose even climbed a camelia tree to get away (whilst looking down anxiously)! 

So now I'm asking the experts at BYP about how can I get my chooks to eat snails...and earwigs...and caterpillars...! And I was hoping they'd be clearing up the pests!

They are quite young, 11-13 weeks by now. I'll persist with 'teaching' them and hopefully they'll graduate from bug-eating school with flying colours :D

Chooks are so funny...

Miss Bok feeding the chooks, they don't let her sleep on the lawn anymore...

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  1. Hi ,thanks for taking time to comment and leave some advice on my blog.I love the pics of your chooks around the garden which is how I would imagine them in mine!


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