Saturday, May 21, 2011

Golden podded peas to heaven - or hell!

I love a beautiful Autumn day - especially when it's a weekend!

Well if what some people think is true and the rapture is due to take place today then I'm glad that I had the chance to spend 5 minutes in my garden in the sun, admiring what has appeared this week...

Golden podded peas!  I've never grown these before but they sure are beautiful...lovely purple flowers and then golden pods ready to go into a stirfry!

My sugar snaps have been giving us a good yield but they aren't as fun to look at.

Chillies survived the frost surprisingly...although our basil really carked it!  Booooooo...

Astrid is back to herself but is always at the backdoor trying to come back inside  :)

Well today has been a lovely quiet day spent with the family - what are you doing with your potential last day on earth?  My New Zealand blogger friends - I'll be waiting to see if you're still around, you're the first to be raptured apparently. I doubt I'll be included in the exodus going on the stressed out grumps I've carried around with me this week...


  1. When I woke this morning with a bad migraine for the third day in a row I decided I didn't really mind if the world was coming to an end, in fact, I thought, I would rather welcome it. However, the headache has lifted and now I'm glad the rapture seems to have passed us by in NZ.

  2. Interesting variety of peas you are growing. Golden and purple both royal colours:).

  3. I will spend the time waiting for the Rapture learning a new skill: butchering chickens:AHHH!

    I love you *golden* peas...beautiful!

  4. The golden peas are really interesting. I haven't grown peas this year, maybe next year. Kelli

  5. Still here and we had our first picking of mange tout yesterday, delicious, golden ones, interesting.

  6. Can't get my head around it being Autumn there-of course it is! my day was spent doing a pet portrait and loving every minute!
    Glad Astrid is happy again.

  7. Astrid isn't silly. She's discovered the big chicken coup and want's to live there I'm guessing. Love the golden peas too. They look flat like snow peas - are they??

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog I am noq following yours :] Off to have a read now :]

  9. Never seen yellow ones, they look great.
    Oh yeah and I'm still here the next morning!

  10. The yellow bean blooms are pretty. Purple no less. Never heard of them. Astrid knows where the love lives, don't you think. As for today. I dared to take the interstate to Denver--about 80 miles--to spend the day with my daughter shopping. We had a great day. I heard a guy on the radio say that we must live each day as though it were our last. So the seers can predict anything thing they want; I will take each day and do the best with that day as I can. Give Astrid my regards. cheers. ann

  11. Glad you're all still here! :)
    Yes they are like snowpeas, but golden in colour. Yum!

  12. Hi, I was oblivious to rapture day being predicted for...yesterday!I hope NZ is still online?!
    I followed the link as I did not know what you meant by rapture day, why did he amass such a fortune if he could not spend it all before 21st May?
    It is the end of the world for someone somewhere every second of every day and we should live each day as if it is our last, someday we will be right.
    Your golden peas are beautiful, it is lovely to see veg with different colours in the garden.

  13. Beautiful peaaaas!
    (Sometimes I sing the comments, but it just doesn't seem to carry over the Internet well.) :)
    I'd never heard of golden peas before...they look delicious. :)

  14. Hi Mrs B, so relieved we all survived the latest end of the world is nigh warning. I sent you a message at blotanical - check it out. cheers, catmint P.S. hope you're sleeping better.

  15. Glad you like the photos!!! :)

    the sydney girl

    Would love to add you to my blogger email address list! Do you have an email address?

    p.s. Just letting you know I have a giveaway going on if you're interested! X

  16. I had no idea the world was going to end. Perhaps I should read the paper more so I can plan for these things.

    Love the golden peas. I think I should start a list of all the good things on your blog to put in our vege patch. It is nearing fruition... finally! gxo

  17. Yes Rapture didn't quite happen did it! :P Sorry to hear about your basil (maybe they heard the rapture news ;) ) but go your chilli!

  18. I think I would always choose to spend my last day in the garden. Where else would you want to be?

  19. Haha yes we made it! Or does that mean we didn't make it? LOL, anywho, we are still alive and well :)

  20. Those golden peas are stunning. Never seen them before.

  21. I'm enjoying watching yoru garden grow.

    When I have more growing space, I hope to find me some golden podded peas, they sure are pretty.

    I also love how your chooks just wander freely here and there.

  22. I've never seen golden peas before! Thanks for the pics, Mrs Bok! And so glad your Astrid is well again.. :)


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