Sunday, May 8, 2011

A lovely morning with Astrid and the Evil Dratted Caterpillars

Happy mothers day!  What are all your lovely folk doing today?

Do you like the portrait that Miss Bok (6) drew of me...?    Also the orchids Master Bok (2) got for me, not colours I usually get but a nice change.

This week, the vet was very surprised to see Astrid alive.  He expected that she wouldn't make it...and then told me her eye would probably not get better at all.  It was rather depressing.  But after persistent nursing from me, eye and nose drops and antibiotics daily...

Well.  Here's her eye looking brightly up at me!

I was very dark on white butterflies this morning.  Now my philosophy is rather zen or so I try, that is, plant some for the bugs and some for me.  But they have no respect for the zen!!!!  They have decimated ALL of my brassica.  Again.  So I took great pleasure in picking them off and feeding them to Astrid even though I really just wanted to pull out all the plants and jump up and down on them in a huge stomping  tantrum.

Just about the only Winter veg doing well are the rainbow chard and the peas.  Sigh.  My poor old eaten broccollini (x 6), cauliflower (x6), brussel sprouts (x 4) and broccoli (x2).  NOT HAPPY!  So some pics of my sugar snaps, snow peas and purple podded to soothe the soul...

I'm a bit bemused that the Autumn fruiting raspberry canes are growing leaves??  I cut them down so not sure why they are sprouting up again...

The baby fig is leafless but lots of spinach is springing up around it.

I found some surprise peas in with the garlic too!

And a clear sign Sophie has been in the thyme trying to lay eggs here again - she left behind indisputable evidence! 

Olives are just about ready for picking and curing.

Hope I have better luck with the sweetpea in this hanging basket this year.

Hope you all have wonderful Sundays!


p.s. If any of you have any experience with setting up seed banks, please let me know.  It's a project I'm working on for Eastern Uganda.  When I get more time I'll do a proper post on it, but for now, if you know of anyone or if you do yourselves, please let me know.  Thanks!!


  1. So glad Astrid has recovered. You are a good care taker.

  2. That is a winning portrait... I think you have a little artist on your hands... particularly love the hair. Love the label for this post too! gxo

  3. I'm so happy about Astrid!
    Your garden is looking lovely, despite the demise of the brassicas. Mine are being munched too but hopefully will come on. I need to get to them with the Seasol.
    I don't know about raspberries. Mine are acting strangely too. Some have some fruit, others look dead, others are shooting. Makes no sense to me :)

  4. Love your photos and garden goings-on. Glad your gorgeous chicken is better too!

  5. those bloody green caterpillars...sigh. My mint, my chilli, my generous garden spirit all down to stalks.

  6. Happy Mother's Day! Sorry about the caterpillar. We are keeping a vigil eyes to caterpillar mother eggs.

  7. Happy Mothers Day to you too. Glad to hear that Astrid is better, make sure you keep up with the nutrition as I've found that sometimes they are a bit prone to getting anything else that's going as well. Try some probiotics and vitamins maybe.

  8. Hi Georgie, usually she draws me with a massive nose so I'm quite pleased this time! :)
    Hi Sarah, I'll give seasol a go but I think they are beyond rescue :(
    Thanks Dixiebelle, it is so good to see Astrid with her eye open again!
    Hi CHFG, yup those wriggly green worms with legs are driving me nuts!!
    Hi D, happy mothers day to you too! I despair at the number of eggs...
    Hi Greenfumb! My girls have livamol in their feed but I've been slack with the yoghurt lately. Good reminder especially as Astrid's been on antibiotics. Thanks!

  9. Happy Mother's day! In Ireland and the UK it is in March usually but htis year it was on the first Sun in April for some reason!
    Hens are doing fine here, 3 of them are laying each day! I am glad poor Astrid is better and I hope she appreciates your good nursing!

  10. I fully empathise regarding white butterflies! At least some of your vegetables are doing well - and I'm glad Astrid is recovered :)

  11. I'm glad to hear that Astrid is ok! WE're all rooting for her! :) And how to explain zen to those white butterflies, a difficult one!

  12. Nice drawings and letter, I got my nieces drawings in the post a few days back and totally love them!! they make very happy!

  13. Hi Mrs B, hope you had a lovely mother's day. Before I read the signature on the card I thought it was from Astrid or Sophie! (lol) cheers, cat

  14. Just found your blog, love it, now following! I am giving away a copy of Decorate from Holly Becker at Decor8 at the moment, come and be in it to win it here! Miss Walker xoxo


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