Saturday, July 9, 2011

Derry murals

Derry is the only remaining completely walled city in Ireland and is one of the finest examples of walled cities in Europe.  It's been 8 years since the walls of Derry have been open for visitors and citizens alike to walk upon.  Only 8 years.  It still amazes me that war is so recent in this society.  The following are pictures taken from around the walls of Derry.

One of the many plaques on the walls

Canons - obvious really isn't it?  From every place on the walls.

Fencing still remains at this part of the wall protecting the houses on the bogside from attack by launched objects lobbed from the wall during the orange marches and vice versa protecting marchers from objects thrown from the bogside.  



There is rumour that these gates may be removed in the near future - they were there to prevent people walking the walls.

Very sad - peering out from this section of the wall are a section of the population, protestants, who are building a bonfire to celebrate the defeat of the Irish catholics in 1689.  

Peering out from another section of the wall is the bogside, where murals depict the British occupation of Derry.

I went to take a closer look at the murals. They are quite amazing, illustrating the bloody history of the city during british occupation.

Painted in 1969, after the battle of the bogside

Bloody Sunday, otherwise known as the bogside massacre

A mural in Derry called "The Death of Innocence", depicting Annette McGavigan, 
a schoolgirl killed in the city during the early years of the Troubles 

A british soldier breaking into an Irish house during Operation Motorman

Loads of other murals in Ireland, especially at pubs - I was so surprised but glad to see that none had been defaced.  Back home I'd sure they'd have horns or moustaches painted on!


the peace bridge

Northern Ireland is doing so much to promote peace, I wish Derry and Northern Ireland the best of peace for the future.  There is so much history and so much beauty too.

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  1. Sadly, I am old enough to remember the violence in Northern Ireland. It must be a most profound experience to visit Northern Ireland and learn about the strife. Great post.


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