Friday, July 22, 2011

Little tribute

This beautiful artwork arrived in the post today.

It was handcrafted, screen printed and stitched by Sydney artist  Carmel Killin, a most wonderfully talented lady.

Thank you Carmel for this amazing tribute to my bok flock.   I can't wait to get it framed!

With the kindness, well wishes and advice from all of you I really feel so very grateful to have 'met' you all, thank you for your support and your messages and comments on my posts, you lift my spirits, give me perspective and are a real joy in my life.  Thank you.  I'm going to visit Mr Lavender tomorrow, I wonder if he'll recognise me - and perhaps I'll come home with his sister!  I'll take some pics of him whilst I'm there so you can see how much he's grown.  Hopefully he is looking properly 'roosterish' now!


  1. Such a beautiful gesture! love the naivete of the design.

  2. It's gorgeous, what a generous spirit!

  3. What a beautiful thought.
    I was reading back through a couple of posts and had to say please don't think you are a bad mother to your last flock by adopting a new bunch of girls soon. You are the best chooky mother I know :)

  4. What a beautiful print and fitting tribute. I also love the way the one on the right is looking back at the one on the left :)

    I hope your chook visit goes well!

  5. Beautiful and thoughtful. Do you have a collection of chooky bits? I find people are always giving me chook things. Wish they were all as delightful as your print!

  6. A beautiful piece of art.There's nothing like watching hens scratching around to lift your spirits. Enjoy your visit with Mr Lavender

  7. Gorgeous. That's going to look lovely on your wall Mrs Bok.

  8. What a lovely print, it was very nice of her.

  9. What a wonderful gift! It's just beautiful :) And congratulations on your three new girls too. I love the names that you gave them too! I was allowed to name my SIL's chickens a while back and named them Esmerelda, Persephone and Adorabelle :)


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