Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leprechauns at the fort

Ireland is a stunning country.  Really beautiful, it is named the Emerald Isle with very good reason - it is the greenest place I have ever seen, the depth and richness of greens is unparalleled.

I'm very happy to report that we've had a lovely visit so far aside from the unpleasantness earlier on, people have been wonderful.  The Irish are some of the most generous, friendly and kindly folk you can ever hope to meet.  There is of course evidence of the on-going hostilities but also many signs of the peace process.  I'll do a separate post on this. 

We've been visiting lots of family, friends, attended a gorgeous wedding and have been driving through beautiful Donegal countryside.  On an incredibly slow connection here so just a few images.

The only way you can tell you've crossed the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, is a change in type of speed sign (Northern Ireland is in miles, Ireland is in kms - very confusing!).  By the way, crossing the border took us 5 mins to get from Derry to Donegal  :)  Didn't even realise we'd crossed until Mr Bok pointed it out...

Well I've swapped the palm leaf swirled onto the froth of my Melbourne coffee for a shamrock swirled into the foam of my guiness  :)

Was amused to see a Lifeguard Rescue surfboard...where is the surf??

Like that speed cameras are out in the open and advertised, unlike back home where they hide them under towels on the dashboard of an old car, or in the side of a garbage bin!

Yes sad aren't I, taking pics of roadsigns! But really I thought this was interesting and they are everywhere.

We watched the sun set from Grianan Ailligh, a very old fort on the top of a hill overlooking the country side for miles, it is a neolithic mound from 3000 BC...Ireland has so many old sites it's incredible.  You really can believe you're in the land of faerie...


Miss Bok swears that she saw a few leprechauns here at the fort...and in the twilight I can totally believe her.  There is such a magical feel to this place.  I'm afraid I've been leading Miss Bok a bit up the garden path so to speak.  Mr Bok told her only children can see leprechauns and to look out for them...then she tol dme she saw sheep with green on their backs (you know how farmers mark their sheep in different colours) - well I pretended I couldn't see them.  She's convinced it's because they are leprechaun sheep that I cannot see them and only she can  :)    


  1. What great views! When I was at Grianan Ailligh a few years ago, it was so foggy that we couldnt see the view! I'm glad to finally have seen it! Thanks Mrs B

    That picture of Master B running full pelt is so cute!!!

  2. Traffic calming, love it!

    I lived in Dublin for almost a year, oh, way back when, but yes, so green and (mostly) so friendly! Some wonderful history and traditions to enjoy while you are there...

  3. O to be a child and have such a rich imagination, love the photos. Keep having fun.

  4. Love it, Love it, Love it! What more can I say, beautiful photos. Enjoy ;o)

  5. Gosh some of those images remind me of parts of Tassie! Particularly the NW coast of Tas. It looks beautiful and I agree with you, there's probably not a whole lot of need for life guards at that beach!

  6. Funny about the leprechaun sheep! Hope the rest of your trip is fab.

  7. That looks like a great trip! Ireland is one of the places on my list of must go.

  8. Hi, so glad you are enjoying the remainder of your visit to the Emerald isle.It is so green because we get so much rain!
    When you are on the Atlantic coast pebble beaches can look so calm and serene until a full tide comes in ,then watch the surf building!We have some of the best surfing in the world off of the West coast but sadly not the sun to go with it.

  9. What a magical and enchanting place.

  10. I am quite enjoying your trip through Ireland. Brings back memories of my own tour.

  11. I thought you just said just a few photos? :P
    Looks beautiful. Quiet. Glad to hear things have gotten better.

  12. Ireland is in my One Day travel category so this has been wonderful to read. The surfboard amuses me too - perhaps it's just in contrast to our considerably more surf-y Australian beaches! Continue to enjoy, it looks like wonderful scenery.


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