Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Bok Flock meet Tim Tam

Such a squawking went up around Maple Cottage today, chooks losing the plot because a rabbit had invaded their lawn!  Imagine!  Anyone would think it was a fox or something.  But no, it was just Tim Tam.

Artichokes are huge, when are they going to flower already because I want my vegie bed back!

I'd forgotten we had these!

Carrot bed is slowly emptying

Lots of blueberries on our 6 bushes this year...
Apples hopefully this year!  
And almonds swelling 
Mulberries ripening...yakon reshooting (hurrah!) 

Maybe time to cut down the rainbow chard trees!


Back to grazing.  With only the odd indignant squawk.



  1. Oh more piccies of Tim Tam please. Your garden looks so beautiful and what a great lawn. We have top-dressed ours and it looks a mess :)

  2. Hi, your garden is looking great at the moment with lots happening.

  3. Great garden pics. What a great variety of carrots. Looking very colourful indeed.

  4. A lovely wander around your garden........your artichokes are miles ahead of mine as well as the mulberries and strawberries.

    Rainbow chard trees, hehehe......we felled our silverbeet trees and fed them to the chooks today. They quickly cut them down to size.

    Claire :}

  5. Oooh I love thosE gorgeous little chookies! Such pretty colors on the lovely little things! And your garden looks AMAZING! Greenie x

  6. I loved the gorgeous colors of your carrots. The whole garden actually is fantastic. Swiss chard is so good for you, and delicious as well.Lovely photos.

  7. They're adorable! And I love fresh produce! Enjoy the rest of the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  8. Tim Tam holds his own, doesn't he? The hens are lovely and your garden's offerings are abundant! Here we are settling into fall and winter . . .

  9. Gorgeous snippets of your achievements. I hope you are feeling incredibly proud of yourself! Take a bow Mrs Bok.

  10. I've got some rainbow chard trees here as well.

  11. Tim Tam is so cute! Oh I wish we were allowed to have rabbits here... Your garden looks so fabulous - with the 6 blueberries, is that enough for the family? I have one that's doing really well, and was thinking that I should get some more! I adore blueberries, and they are so expensive in the shops.

  12. Your garden is so gorgeous - all of that produce looks wonderful. And I love the relationship Tim Tam seems to have with the chickens! Very funny :)

  13. So much to love in your garden esp those almonds and blueberries. YUM! Love little Tim Tam... so cute. gxo

  14. Thanks for the garden stroll, love your roses and carrots and don't even get me started on Tim Tam. melx

  15. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics of all you folks "getting together"!

  16. Hello!

    Our lawn isn't all lovely, I think it's mainly dandelions, thyme and daisies aka weeds :) Which the chooks love eating and the kids love rolling around on!

    I'm thinking 6 blueberry bushes aren't enough! I want to get more! They disappear so quickly especially with rogue chickens about...

    This time next week I'll be posting pics of the Melbourne bloggers :) HEE HEE!

  17. Love the multi-coloured carrots! Lovely photos.

  18. Same here don't forget the camera.


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