Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spring time school holidays

It's school holidays!

Yup I've a bit of that working mother guilt but hey there is enough in life to make you feel crap so I'm trying to crowd out those thoughts and am making the most of the days I can get off.  I used to be one of the people so relieved it was school holidays because it meant clearer roads and less traffic.  Now not only am I one of those people, but I'm also one of the people who think 'EEK!  What will we do with the kids?'   I'll show you shall I?

Baby wombats at the animal hospital in Healesville

Master Bok (2) loves the huge eagle at Healesville Sanctuary

Love the yarra valley wineries...

Mini railway at Eltham


It hasn't all been sunshine.  Oh no.  There's been plenty of rain for rainy indoor play too!

Oh Master Bok (2) loves the hungry caterpillar as much as I did when I was a tiny Mrs Bok!
The Very Handsome Caterpillar...

And my favourite.  Quiet days in the garden.

Miss Bok is watering the seedlings we've transplanted from our 
windowsill to the planters - our water tank is overflowing!

Loving apple blossom on our young trees

Bums getting fluffier as the girls get older

We gave up...took up our picnic moved indoors and left the marauding hens to the rug. They are sooooo greedy!

Hens sharing our picnic blankie, had to give them seeds to distract them from my toast!
My tiny black cherry tomatoes are flowering...they are still so small though!

Planted out my zucchini, hope late frosts don't get them, they've spent so long on my windowsill!  Really would love a greenhouse...

Artichoke is growing daily!  Hooray!

Last of the fennel

The last of the golden podded peas
Lots of lettuce and herbs

Anticipating a good blueberry crop...

Finally - fair trade chocolate that tastes great and makes me feel almost healthy!  The quinoa puffs are fabulous in it! Pity about the huge box of cheezels I just ate though.

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays!  What have you been up to...?


  1. Seems strange to read about Spring on some of the blogs while we are experiencing torrential rain here in Ireland, we did not even get an autumn never mind a summer!
    The Hungry caterpiller was my youngest sons favourite book of all time too!

  2. I wish I still had school holidays! Looks like you are having lots of fun!!

  3. You really packed in a full week while the kids were on spring vacation. The hens look like they are happy girls and doing well. Its hard to believe it is spring over there. We are apple and pumpkin picking here in New England.

  4. I love all the photos! Your place looks so loving and happy and full of life ;o) - Spring holidays start tomorrow for us, and we too are planing wild life park visits, picnic's in the yard (hoping to keep greedy chooks and bunnies at bay) and lots of gardening. I picked the top artichokes and noticed baby flowers starting beneath, so hoping for a few more to follow.... take care and enjoy the rest of the holi's Yollie

  5. The hungry caterpillar rocks. Loving the school holidays here, today we played monopoly,made gingerbread, had surprise visitors, ate dinner late and didn't have to worry about tired kids at school tomorrow. Healesville is awesome, never gets tired with us.

  6. we have three weeks left before our autumn half term but you seem to of made the most of the family time together.

  7. this post made me smile. thanks for sharing!!

  8. Wow! Those kids look like they are having fun! Good mom!
    We've been talking about chickens at school. Your hens are lovely!

  9. This is a gorgeous post, and such a lovely summary of school holiday activities. Your children are very lucky :) The laid back but nonetheless exciting nature of your activities also calls to mind fun memories of my own school holiday days. I find it sad that so many parents now find the holidays a difficult clash between their work requirements and the need to entertain children - you've clearly got a good balance going on (and yes, ditch the guilt!).

    Also, that chocolate is still one of my favourites :)

  10. Those feathered little bums are just so cute. Your hens are thriving and it looks as though spring break is so much fun. We are getting ready to put our garden to sleep for the winter. Fall bulbs yet to plant. And chocolate--isn't that the other food group?

  11. Here in Kentucky we are off for a fall break for the next week. A bit of farm chores for us and some sleeping late in the mornings, instead of dashing out of the house.

  12. You garden is looking very pretty at the moment, you seem to have lots on .

  13. Your chooks are pretty ladies! How do you cook artichoke? I never eaten them before. Hope no frost anymore in your garden.

  14. It seems as if you have found lots and lots of things to do with the kids. You live in a very beautiful place to have such interesting things to do...great for kids, too!

  15. You've been very inventive and I'm sure the little Boks are just thrilled with their holiday activities!
    Loved your post and the photos - as always.
    Cheerio for now :D)

  16. Looks like it was a lovely day for a visit to the Healesville cute is that baby wombat?

    Your garden is looking very productive and the girls are growing rapidly.
    The 'fluffy bums' remind me of those lacy bottomed pants worn over nappies but little girlies many, many years ago but you don't see them around these days.

    So nice to have your rain water tank overflowing nice to see all the dams full and Eildon nearly 100% full. It's been a long, long time......

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  17. nice job Mrs Bok,

    Ahhh - memories....
    Great to see the Eltham Railway is still going strong - we used to live just up the hill - we had many pleasant afternoons at that park. So long ago now.


  18. Hello everyone :)

    Lenny I used to live in Eltham too, a looooong time ago. A really beautiful part of town.


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